Life after pandemic restrictions are lifted

In my part of the country, restrictions are being lifted and people who are vaccinated are now gathering together even indoors without masks. This has been a great relief to many people who found the enforced isolation during the past year very difficult to deal with. I am one of the people for whom being solitary was not a problem. I am not a misanthrope, exactly, in that I do not actively shun the company of others. But the things that I enjoy doing the most (reading, writing, thinking) are those that are best done in solitude. Hence I like to maintain large expanses of time alone between my socializing with others.

But sometimes I wonder whether my sympathies with Rat should be a cause for concern …

(Pearls Before Swine)


  1. says

    I deal with pretty bad anxiety, and the pandemic hit just as I was starting to feel comfortable going out and socializing after my latest bout of anxiety-induced hermitage. I want to go out and do the social things, but…

  2. Matt G says

    I was given a Meyers-Briggs test many moons ago by an ex-girlfriend who was a trainer. On three axes, I was way over on the side you’d expect for a liberal, atheist, science person. On the introvert-extrovert axis, however, I was dead center.

  3. dean56 says

    I have a new shirt for this. I got it as a joke to wear to an upcoming family get-together, but it applies. It reads

    “Where are stay at home orders when we really need them?”

    I’m going to keep it handy.

  4. Matt G says

    There was another t-shirt which read something like “When this virus is over, there are some of you I still want to stay away from me.”

  5. dean56 says

    ““When this virus is over, there are some of you I still want to stay away from me.””

    That’s nice too. I should add — over the last 35 years my in-laws have become accustomed to my sense of humor, and take the shirt messages as they’re meant: good humor.

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