You know the feeling when some people at a party are having a serious conversation and another person who knows nothing about the subject tries to force themselves into the group by making an inane comment and then smiling in a self-satisfied manner and the conversers, not wanting to tell the person to get lost because that person may be the self-important child of someone else at the party, instead freezes that person out using their body language?

That happened at the G20 summit when FrancoisEmmanuel Macron, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, and Christine Lagarde were talking and such a child butted in.

This cringe-worthy video was released by the French government which suggests that they were sending a message.


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    I’m not sure if that’s an error or just a public figure I haven’t heard about; who is François Macron? Google isn’t saying anything.

    Emmanuel Macron is the current President of France.

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