Support the Pursuance Project Kickstarter project if you can

The Kickstarter project deadline for meeting the goal is just three days away. If you can, please consider donating to it. You can read about the project and donate here.

With the open society under threat, the time has come to fulfill the promise of the Internet by launching an entirely new way for citizens to work together: securely, intuitively, and effectively. The time has come to build Pursuance.

Pursuance is open source software that provides a better way to organize online. It provides an integrated suite of digital tools, all designed to allow activists, researchers, journalists, artists, coders – anyone with talent and a little time – to collaborate on projects large and small, working within customized, evolvable entities called pursuances. (Think of a pursuance as a mission-oriented project/organization/group that people on the platform can join and contribute to.)

Pursuance fosters action. Its core features include task management, secure group chat, and the ability to invite other users already in our ecosystem by skill set, so that you have the people power you need to achieve your intended results. We’re also enabling you to invite others from outside Pursuance just by sending them an invite link (e.g., via email).

At its core, Pursuance will enable you to create a pursuance, invite people to that pursuance with a range of permission/trust levels, rapidly record ideas and strategies in an actionable format (as tasks), assign those tasks to others, share files and documents, be notified when relevant events occur such as getting a task assignment, and partner with other pursuances in order to share information and people power.


  1. Just an Organic Regular Expression says

    OK here’s the thing. Highly laudable goals, clever graphics, impressive early adopters, all good. But at heart this is a software project and not a simple one. I don’t see anything in there about software development talent on board, nor anything about partnering with, or capitalizing on, all the open-source software design that has been done.

    For reference there already exist many open-source social networking platforms: here’s a list of the ten best, here’s a list of the five best, only three of which appear on the first list. Search on “best open source social networking” for more lists and links.

    Pursuance is apparently going to reinvent those wheels and add wheels within them for encryption, multiple levels of authentication, etc. Software is hard, and secure software is even harder. How are they going to find the talent to build this major software project? Why are they not planning to start from an existing base among the many already-built projects? How are they going to verify its security? How are they going to be sure that one of their software contributors isn’t an NSA mole inserting a back-door?

    In short from what I see this is a lovely dream that is unlikely to be realized (and especially for $48K which isn’t even enough to get a good spec written).

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