1. blf says

    First, the individual in question has a name, Mamoudou Gassama.
    Second, he and his brother, Diaby, have said they want their status to be regularised: “We want to be officialised. We have no papers but we want them so we can work in good conditions and we need homes” (‘Spider-Man’ of Paris to get French citizenship after child rescue (source of all quotes)).
    Third, the French le penazi party is, as to be expected, having hysterics: “the deputy president of the far-right Front National, Nicolas Bay, sounded a more cynical note about Gassama’s residency status. ‘If you tell me, we’ll make that one official because of his act of bravery and we’ll expel all the others’, I’ll sign up to that,”
    And fourth:

    The French documentary maker and commentator Raphaël Glucksmann wrote on his Facebook page: “Like everyone else, I admire the bravery of Mamoudou Gassama. But I dream of a country where it won’t be necessary to put one’s own life at risk scaling a building to save the life of a child in order to be treated like a human being when one is a migrant.”

  2. file thirteen says

    The child had reportedly already fallen from the next floor up; the father had left him alone in the flat and is now on bail for neglect of a child (max penalty 2 years jail).

  3. chigau (違う) says

    file thirteen #3
    That kid grabbed the next balcony rail on his way down?
    Get him in line for the Rescue Team along with Mamoudou Gassama.

  4. file thirteen says

    chigau #4

    So it appears. I agree, it’s hard to believe any four-year-old could do that. Perhaps he landed on the rail first before slipping further?

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