Oscar night – epic bungle and digs at Donald Trump

I never watch the Academy Awards shows (or any awards show for that matter) but last night saw an epic bungle at the end where the Best Picture award announcement was wrong, and the error was discovered only after the wrong ‘winners’ had all come on stage and made their acceptance speeches.

In the clip below, you can see the news of the mistake filtering through the people at the back of the stage while the people at the microphone are oblivious to what is going on. Here is a description of how it went down.

It must have been excruciating for the people who thought they had won but I have to say that everyone involved such as Jordan Horowitz, producer of La La Land, behaved with grace. Below is Barry Jenkins of the actual winning film Moonlight talking afterwards.

Here is host Jimmy Kimmel taking some digs at Donald Trump.


  1. Mano Singham says


    I don’t know why they do this kind of thing. The audience in the theater and at home won’t see the fancy gold lettering on red. Only the people who actually read out the results will.

    This is a classic case where form took precedence over function, when form was not even noticeable.

  2. kyoseki says

    I guarantee you the decision making process started with the statement “I don’t know why we’re paying this guy so much money to do the envelopes, I’m sure we could do that ourselves”.

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