This unhinged rant is a thing of beauty

Two young Brazilian men were filming a sketch for their YouTube comedy channel on a public street with a backdrop of an airplane when a woman driving by stopped and started ranting at them for being terrorists. It was quite incredible the amount of obscenities, racism, religious rubbish, and homophobic slurs she managed to cram into just a few minutes. I was impressed at how well the two men took it, managing to laugh at her while filming her.

It also struck me that if the woman really thought the men were terrorists, then stopping her car, getting out, and yelling at them may not have been the smartest thing to do.


  1. doublereed says

    It struck me that she couldn’t even think of anything to say and just kept repeating the same thing over and over again like she was caught in some hateful loop.

  2. Ben Finney says

    Yeah, once she got into the hate-filled speech loop I could not even understand what sentence she was trying to express.

    Was she calling the two men “Middle Easterns”, like that’s their nationality, or their race, or what? She thinks they’re from “the Middle East”, but was she daring them to *identify* to that weird label?

    And what was the phrase she kept hurling at them? “Middle Easterns you hate Middle Easterns”, over and over. What is that supposed to mean, why choose that out of all the racist epithets available to her? Is it like “self-hating Ay-rabs”? Whatever was in her head, she wasn’t getting it out very well.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    The description says “Being that I’m an aspiring filmmaker”.

    To an aspiring filmmaker, lesson zero (before even lesson one) is “DON’T FILM IN PORTRAIT!!!”.

    Right, time to watch the actual video…

  4. AstroKid Nj says

    Why isnt ‘misandry’ used to describe this attack? If the genders were reversed, and if a man had done the same to 2 women, would you not have called it misogyny? for e.g when men attack muslim women for their hijab, it gets tagged as misogynist. (in addition to islamophobia). Here is a quote from Sep 7 article ‘The Telegraph’.

    Mughal says that perpetrators know Muslim women won’t react, especially if they’re fully covered up: “They believe there’s a sense of passivity around a woman wearing a niqab – that she won’t do anything or respond. But some women also say it’s a misogynistic targeting that comes from men.”

    When women attack Muslim women, its not tagged as misogyny either (only islamophobia). xref: Islamophobic attack: Muslim woman ‘punched in head’ and ‘abused’ on south London bus 03 November 2015
    The double standards are staggering

  5. John Morales says

    AstroKid Nj:

    Why isnt ‘misandry’ used to describe this attack?

    Do you think it’s misandry?

  6. tkreacher says

    Ben Finney #2

    I *think*, and really I can’t be sure, but I think what she meant was that “terrorist” “middle easterns” hate your regular middle easterner and try to turn them into fellow “pedophile terrorists”.

    It’s all very muddled, but that was the general meaning I could parse. Like, these were the “bad ones”, and the “bad ones” hate the “good ones” and turn the “good ones” into terrorists.

    Something like that.

  7. AstroKid Nj says

    LETS ALL THINK OF THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, artificially introduced into the totem people of oppressed by victimhooders and white knights. The people of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq sympathize with the evils being done to White Woman, and her relative body count of ~0 over millenia.
    “Monstrosity has historically been used as a means to other bodies of those who arent powerful -- women most fundamentally -- and then the subject peoples, the colonized, the enslaved, the poor” -- Jeff Sharlet

  8. says

    Holy crap, a random MRA has found his way to a post that has nothing to do with any of his pet outrages so he still has to find a way to make it about them anyway.

    And people call feminists outrage junkies…

  9. Who Cares says

    Why would it be misandry? Because two men are being cussed out? The thing is that reversing gender wouldn’t make it misogyny. There is something missing in either case: intent. She is being racist and switching genders would still make it only racist; She isn’t attacking them because they are men (not even on an unconscious level), she is attacking them because they do not have her skin color so are one of those Muslims she has been told are going to blow themselves up to kill her and her family because they hate her and her families freedoms.

  10. mostlymarvelous says

    One good reason that this outstanding example of the roadside rant extraordinaire is not ‘misandrist’ is that it makes no difference at all if you substitute an unhinged man for the unhinged woman but leave everything and everyone else the same.

    It would still be racist (however mistaken or inaccurate) and it would still be homophobic (however vulgar or potty-mouthed) but it would never be misogynist nor ‘misandrist’.

    Whether this woman does or doesn’t get over the brain-fart driving her weird interaction with these people, it’s now online forever. She may or may not wish she’d kept her ludicrous opinions to herself, but it’s all too late now. I know this one is exceptional, but I have a real problem with people like this woman spouting off about others being destined for hell and that she herself is A-OK, saved and destined for heaven. What kind of christian talks like this? Even if you’re drunk or high, this behaviour is right outside anything an ordinary person would designate as religiously based or even as fervently evangelical.

  11. Holms says

    The thing that bugs me most about recording in portrait is not that the resultant footage will be in portrait, but that so many people get bent all out of shape about it. Jesus christ another random event is captured in portrait, who gives a shit.

  12. StevoR says

    As I’ve said -- or, rather seconded, but agree with and am saying too -- here :

    When I denied the reality of lslamophobia in the past I was wrong and now regret ever saying.

    Islamophobia -- the irrational hatred and fear of Muslims -- is all too real and causes too much harm and pain to real individual people who deserve far better and fairer treatment.

    I was wrong in the past. I apologise and admit that I previously got it wrong. I’ve said some horrible things in the past; sometimes half jokingly, other times not so much.

    I won’t say those things again. And when others say them or similar or similar shit then I’ll tell them, they are wrong and why.

    (BTW. I still think Israel is allowed to live and has a case sometimes -- and that the Israeli perspective is as individual and non-monolithic as any other and also deserves a fair go and all too, mind you, but still.)

    Yeah, I’m a messed up human individual struggling for balance and often failing but hopefully getting ever closer .. anyhow. The above.

    Sorry for so many of my past comments which I acknowledge did hurt people and were wrong.

    And thankyou, Mano Singham, for letting me have my say and having one superb blog.

    I hope you know you are a great person and that you do have my full respect and appreciation. Thankyou.

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