Orly Taitz keeps going and going

As long time readers know, I have long had a crush on Orly Taitz, the triple threat of realtor, dentist, and lawyer whose life work is to prove that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president of America because he was born in Kenya, and that government authorities and the media have engaged in a massive cover-up to deny Americans the truth.

What I like about Orly (Since she once commented here, I feel that we are close enough for me to call her by her first name) is her tenacity. Given that Obama has been in office six years and has just two remaining, you would think that she would have given up the struggle like many of the other birth certificate truthers. But you would be underestimating her because she never ceases to look for new opportunities to pursue her quest and finds them in the most unlikely places.

The latest is her appeal to Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer who does human rights work for the United Nations and happens to be married to actor George Clooney, to join her in her quest to rectify the biggest human rights violation of all, and that is Obama’s unlawful usurpation of the presidency. Orly says that if Alamuddin declines her invitation, she will be exposed as a hypocrite who only cares about human rights in other countries but does not care about the greatest violation of all, the fact that a Kenyan Communist Muslim managed to subvert the entire American system of government and illegally occupy the White House. The fact that he has not done anything to advance the cause of Communism or Islam (or Kenya for that matter) during his six years in office does not seem to worry her. Presumably he is trying to lull us into lowering our guard and will unleash his secret agenda any day now. Fortunately Orly is on the alert, guarding our precious freedoms.

Bradlee Dean of some group called the The Sons of Liberty Media is supporting Orly and has published her appeal to Alamuddin in full and it is something to see.


  1. Holms says

    Isn’t it strange that Orly is appealing to Amal Alamuddin as a human rights attorney, even though her claim against Obama is not a human rights issue at all but rather a matter of government electoral protocol in Murica.

  2. Mano Singham says

    Holms, Holms, Holms,

    You simply don’t appreciate Orly’s sweeping perspective, where everything is connected.

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