Solving Rubik’s cube while juggling

This is pretty impressive. Incidentally Ravi Fernando, the person doing this trick, is the son of one of my oldest friends, going all the way back to middle school days in Sri Lanka, and so I was really pleased to stumble across this video on a news site quite by accident.

Ravi has been solving the cube since he was a little boy and has come second in US national competition. Clearly it has become too easy for him to solve the cube and so he has added the juggling bit to give him a challenge.

As a result of this video, Ravi has been approached by network TV producers to appear on their morning shows so you may be seeing more of him in days to come.


  1. wilsim says

    That was really cool.

    Not only was he solving the Rubik’s Cube while juggling, he is actively engaging in conversation with his friends during his show.


  2. Kyle says

    Phenomenal! The human brain is simple incredible, and Ravi clearly has a sharp one.

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