Please support Ed Brayton and the Despatches from the Culture Wars blog

Ed Brayton is one of the founders of FreethoughtBlogs and a key person who works behind the scenes to keep things running as well as keeping together a highly opinionated group of people. That last task alone is a Herculean one that he fulfills admirably with his good humor and common sense approach. His blog is an excellent source of news and commentary on politics and religion and culture.

He had a major health scare a week or so ago that required open-heart surgery. Thanks to the skill of the medical staff, he is out of the hospital and back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, this means that he has had unexpected expenses and loss of income.

If any of you can spare anything, please go over to his site where he has indicated how you can help out.


  1. johnvajgrt says

    Thanks, Mano

    I read Ed’s entry about open heart surgery, and my jaw dropped. I had to run errands, and then saw you entry to help out.
    John V

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