Lewis Black has a good rant

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Note that this was before Nancy Grace had her ‘wardrobe malfunction’.


  1. P Smith says

    Is it just me, or did she look like a dancing sausage, half meat and half fat wrapped in a skin tight casing?

    Black forgot to mention Nancy Grease…I mean, Grace in his list of freaks and criminals. She is the one who went on a full court press over the rape accusations against Duke lacrosse players then disappeared from her own show the day the case was thrown out. As far as I know, she has avoided making any mention of it since then.

    I am so glad I’ve been living in Asia for a decade. The sort of crap that passes for entertainment (“dancing with…”, “American idle”, etc.) would make me go SCTV on my TV (see the opening 5 seconds of the video).


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