Get ready for the Koufaxes

The Koufax Award nominations are beginning to trickle out. The first ones up are the nominations for Best New Blog of 2005, and oh my, but there is a long, long list. You don’t get to vote yet, though—they are wisely suggesting that you should take a little time to browse and make an informed selection (which is an excellent idea…one of the pitfalls of these weblog award thingies is that they tend to fall towards all the obvious choices, and “most widely known” is treated as a synonym for “best”.)

One unfortunate side effect of our recent jump to is that a couple of my colleagues here are listed under their old urls: Aetiology and Adventures in Ethics and Science are in new locations. I hope that doesn’t confuse any of the voters.

It’s also a great category, and there are a whole bunch of my favorites in there: Buridan’s Ass, By Neddie Jingo, Cosmic Variance, Dharma Bums, Evolving Thoughts, firedoglake, I Blame The Patriarchy, The Next Hurrah, Olduvai George…and then there are all those others I have yet to scan. And we’re only supposed to vote for one? Yikes.