How to cure your manly depression

I’ve been depressed lately, and I turned to YouTube to find out why. Cody Johnston asks “Are Men OK?” and I thought maybe this would explain it all.

Unfortunately, the first half of the video is a lot of excerpts from the self-declared gurus of manliness, Jordan Peterson & Fresh&Fit & Bronze Age Pervert & Elon Musk & Andrew Tate & Sneako & William James & Charlie Kirk & Teddy Roosevelt & Patrick Bet-David & Josh Hawley & Ben Shapiro (I tried to take notes, but there were so many I probably missed a few) and they just made me more depressed. I don’t even listen to any of them — I think they’re all flaming morons — but the idea that people so stupid can be so wildly successful financially is discouraging. I don’t think my problems have anything to do with what those bozos claim, but is more about being reminded of my limitations as I grow older and seeing the possibility of retirement constantly receding away from me.

In the last half he talks about solutions, but mainly they’re about dismantling the patriarchy and shutting down the grifters, which doesn’t actually help me directly, but would probably have other benefits.


  1. battycat13 says

    That is not depression. It’s the 21st Century Blues. I have it too. Retire?? How? With what? To what? And those morons in that video simply are evidence of how pervasive and pernicious them blues really is.

  2. whheydt says

    Any depression I have, I came by honestly. I really miss my wife. At the end of June, it will be two years since she died.

  3. crimsonsage says

    Maybe the problem is they arent really cis men. We could try transitioning them, it worked for me and all my friends. Like on the off chance they really are cis men they can always detransition if they get a doctors note.

  4. monad says

    @5 crimsonsage: For a long time, every time someone has been really homophobic, people have joked that they must secretly be gay. It’s not really a good thing though. It pins homophobia on self-hating LGBTQ people, rather than acknowledging it as actually something straight people need to address. I don’t think it’s helpful to do the same joke again with trans people.

    @4 whheydt: Condolences. :(

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Whheydt @ 4 Condolences. In my experience, 2 years are not enough for grief to subside.

    Re. : PZ. – If Cody Johnston has the solutions, why does he bother with asking the grifters? He could ask genuinely nice people like Keanu Reeves (he is BTW one of the few real rags to riches stories).

  6. killyosaur says

    @birgerjohansson Some More News is a comedic news show on YouTube that was originally a series produced by

  7. says

    It never ends. It’s been over 30 years, and I still mourn my father. My sister. My brother. If I lost my wife, I’d be grieving until the day I die.

  8. whheydt says

    Re: birgerjohannson @ #8..
    Thank you.

    Re: PZ Myers @ #10…
    I expect to be in mourning for my wife for the rest of my life. We were married for 51 years.

  9. Silentbob says

    @ 2 Nemo

    He integrated his exuberant personality and a vast range of interests and achievements into a “cowboy” persona defined by robust masculinity.

    I’m more astonished by the inclusion of Musk! Not that I buy into “masculinity” but… Flabby balding (sans hair transplant) nerd guy? In my day he would be in a nerds vs jocks John Waters teen movie.

  10. killyosaur says

    I was gonna say, that didn’t seem right. This isn’t some communist daycare after all :P

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