1. Larry says

    I stripped down before eating a chocolate cake, too. Then the clerk had to remind me “Sir, you’re in a bakery!”

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Next step for Knut/Canute.
    Invade England. Install the Danelaw. I fail to see how it could be worse than their current system. In fact, the Scots may volunteer to join, now that the tories are blocking a second independence referendum.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    I have no kitty to hold up to Knut, but today is Russian Mothers Day and a Russian couple who has adopted a Black panther (alongside their rottweiler) has a nice video with two furry critters playing around outside in – 30°C. Maybe this will cheer up Knut and other small humans out there.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    At five years, Knut will easily recall the events of today when he grows up.
    When I was five, TV showed the German SF series Raumpatrouille (exactly the same season Merican TV showed the first season of Star Trek) and I recall those spaceships well.
    Weird anniversaries: it is a quarter century since they added Seven of Nine to Star Trek Voyager. And 36 years since “Aliens”. But surely that was just …A couple of years ago???

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Hindu childhood myths: If Knut should carelessly misplace his head you can just replace it with a head from… a blue-skinned elephant ?!
    (It worked for Ganesha)

  6. says

    wmdk – i’ve no kids in my immediate life, thx for the warning lol.

    birger – in random minutes i had today, i watched the first episode of Raumpatrouille on youtube. didn’t understand more than a few words of it, but pretty cool. camera work and sfx compared very well to star trek – better in most ways, tho shading toward barbarella or starcrash.

    not understanding the dialog, it felt bit more sexist than trek? the way people interacted with the lady characters – some dubious physical contact, eyerolling when they got mouthy, etc. one of the few phrases i understood was when cap’m Cliff MacLane called authoritarian attache lady “dear child” and pissed her off. i’ve heard thru the grapevine that in some ways germany is more sexist than the usa, which is startling given how bad we are.

    the guy who looked like a cross between Scotty and Max von Sydow did a pretty realistic impression of being drunk, compared to trek actors who played it more vaudeville. that and the weird starfish dance moves in the underwater partydome (was that the starlight casino they mentioned?) gave a sleazier impression than trek. and yet more sterile and less sweaty overall, probly due to not filming in southern california.

    i’ll be keen to check out the rest of its only season. interesting stuff, might help me with my german lessons.

  7. magistramarla says

    Awww. Knut is getting to be such a big boy!
    They do grow up fast. My oldest grandchild is 23.
    I.m not old enough for that!