We can sleep when we’re dead

In a classic example of end-of-semester anxiety, I couldn’t sleep last night and got up at 2am to grade lab reports. They’re done! But now I’m either going to be a shambling, weeping mess for the rest of the day, or I’m going to get a second wind and turn manic. You never know! I do wish we had some good drugs in the house, but all I’ve got is ibuprofen and aleve.

See, students, it’s not just you suffering this time of year. Your professors are also going a bit mad.

The final hurdles are two final exams one week from today. I’ll probably make it, I think.


  1. magistramarla says

    Same goes for high school teachers. My stomach churns just remembering those days.

  2. ajbjasus says

    No doubt PZ is exhausted, but more so than ICU nurse at the height of covid, coal miners working long shifts , child labours in sweat shops ?