I’m too old for this stuff

All right, I’ve kicked prednisone to the curb, since it was magically making me wake up at 2am every morning. Now that I’ve been off it for a few days, though…I wake up at 1 am every morning, and can’t get back to sleep. Never again will I touch this poison!

To be fair, though, I think part of the problem is that the stupid ankle has slowed me down so much I’m not maintaining my usual level of physical activity, trapping me in my office most of the day. I’ve got this boat anchor strapped to my left ankle which simultaneously means I can’t get out much, but at the same time, I’m worn out from hauling it around.

On happier news, I seem to have successfully blocked our little troll. He’s now battering himself senseless posting one word abusive comments that get immediately whisked off into the spam trap. Seeing his frustrated futility cheers me right up. Also, my lectures are all prepared and ready to go for the next few days — I might be presenting them in an exhausted fog, but at least I won’t need to think too hard for a while.


  1. hillaryrettig1 says

    PZ I’m empathizing hard with every one of your health problems.

    I have an appointment with my dr. and am going to beg him for prednisone for my lungs. How I got my annual bronchitis in a year I’ve seen no one, and have been masked up, is an annoying mystery.

    I’m also getting a fraction of the exercise I got last year, for various health reasons including sketchy ankles.

    I hope things improve soon!

  2. dorght says

    Based on my experience it had better be a life saving intervention before I accept taking prednisone or opioids ever again.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    PZ and hilaryrettig1
    You have my sympathy. My brief unremarkable encounters with pain have been when some bone has fractured, and it could mostly be managed with weaker meds, yet it was at times AAARGGH-level pain that made sleep impossible.
    PZ needs a better class of troll , with more meandering anti-semitic rants and spelling errors. They can be quite fun to unpack.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    …re. trolls, in Dispatches from the culture wars Ed Brayton would pick out the most “excentric” hate messages. I agree most hate mail is as dull as the minds of their authors.
    (is “author” a term that is too flattering, BTW?)