I’m bustin’ out of this joint this morning

I’ve been laid up for almost a week with a bad knee (very bad knee! It shall be punished!), so I’ve been doubly-confined by the stupid virus and the stupid knee. Today I’m feeling well enough to trek across the street and get some work done — boring work. I have to shuffle microscopes and balances around to get them ready for a maintenance visit. But! I also get to check in and feed the spiders, who were left last week with possible mates, and set up some new spiders recently caught, and check on some wild spiders around the science building. It will be a better day than usual, I hope.

I also have big plans for some more elaborate spidering expeditions next week, so I’m going to be careful of this obnoxious knee now, so that it will be even stronger then.

Further goodness: I’m expecting a present for myself from myself in the mail today. I’ll show you later.


  1. shelldigger says

    That was one of my first albums. :) Still a favorite. They just don’t make music like they used to…

    Yes, yes I am old, I have a nice collection of vinyl despite my first wife getting rid of my original collection. Took me a long time to build it back, still not what it was, but it will do.

    Nice book of spiders too! And go easy with the knee.

  2. hemidactylus says

    Song from OP way too tame though it does have a crunchy texture. And AC/DC? Really? Seriously? Same song different lyrics over the mailing it in decades since Bon Scott died. Old AC/DC was OK. Back in Black and beyond was pure bunk. And I saw them on cannonical For Those About to Rock tour. Yawn. No Maiden.

    In these trying times:

    Now that captures the current zeitgeist!

    I guess this one is OK by JP standards but no Green Manakishi:

    Because one must have broken the law before a jailbreak is needed. See what I did there? Hah!