Why we should dread religion

It causes people to do stupid things, like cross lanes and drive into oncoming cars as a “test of faith”.

An investigator said Reilly told him she had been driving around for a few hours, waiting for a calling from God, when she decided to drive through the oncoming vehicle.

“Reilly related God took care of her by not having her injured,” wrote Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit. “Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.”

Others don’t go quite as brazen, choosing instead to vote for incompetent con men who will steer the entire country into disaster. As a “test of faith”, of course. God will save us!


  1. davidc1 says

    Nothing to be done with dimwits like that ,and here I am thinking the limit of stupidly when GB voted to leave the EU and then give bojo an 80 seat majority .

  2. nomdeplume says

    This is the ultimate example of the belief in religion as a maladaptive property of the human brain.

  3. procyon says

    This woman most likely has mental issues. It’s a funny thing about religion and the religious how the line between mental illness and being fervently religious becomes blurred. It’s the ones who appear sane (and are considered sane) but act mentally ill that scare me.
    Like the ones that strap bombs to themselves and kill as many people as they can because their religious sensibilities have been offended. Or fly jet planes into buildings. Or feel righteously compelled to disfigure or kill women that aren’t sufficiently religious. Or like the recent cult in Panama that burned a mother and her children to death in the name of God. Or the ones that believe a war in the ME will precede the Second Coming and still are able to rise to the office of Director of the CIA or Secretary of State and so look forward to that Second Coming.

  4. magistramarla says

    I recently read an online political discussion in which one trump supporter called him “not only a great leader, but also a priest who will crush his opponents in the name of Jesus”. I find anyone who is that mentally deranged to be beyond all hope.

  5. wzrd1 says

    In some areas of science, it is quite like religion. Talk to a quantum physicist and someone largely Einsteinian in views on Quantum Mechanics.
    Shit gets seriously religious there, lacking specific evidence for or against, frankly, I’d prefer all sides, allowing them to scramble and form new tribes of idiocy…
    But, at least none shoot at each other something worse than through a straw, of wadded paper, occasionally, a paperclip, risking expulsion.

    Religion is what it is, blind faith. With true religions, there can be wars, in science, there are very real brawls. Hell, it’s a favored joke, “How do you start a barfight at a taxonomists convention? ‘Pan Sapiens or Homo Troglodytes’, then run”.
    Personally, I prefer DNA analysis and behavioral analysis, by multiple teams, I’ll start to pay attention after the third team, still not trust it until peers send their own frigging teams.

    While, I am indeed perfect, alas, those only occur on days that end in Q, in English.
    But, with a committee, “no one is as dumb as all of us”, peers love nothing more than savaging poor works of another peer. Experienced it, learned it (sorry, it was a classified environment, but my analysis assumed technical knowledge for the failures, then adjusted and crafted works that gained federal agents in the field glowing reviews. Probably, due to samples of malware previously unavailable).

    I’ve always been big on, “I’ll judge for myself”, researching things repeatedly, even on a single article.
    Be it on the internet, here or even on a classified network, look for information, confirmation, if possible, replication. The entire IC wants replication, but reality intrudes…

    But, I am viewing, with alarm, a new intrusive point, WWI era, of censorship by the government, missing the influenza pandemic harm, trying to Trump it a tad.
    Got a good idea, as to source, it’s OCONUS.
    My 1 AM analysis of traffic received and idiocy capitalized upon.

    A gentle suggestion, stop being capitalized upon! Then, figure the angles and sources, which aren’t hard to align, then use them as weapons against disinformation.
    “Oh, I’ll be ignored!”, big shit, Washington, Henry and Jefferson were ignored, until they were proved by actions correct.

    Grow a set of brains, not only your view, figure out their distorted views and do what they’re doing, distort it against them.
    Endgame, they want Voldemort, you want Harry.
    Goobering it down a lot. ;)
    After all, you are trying to speak of clay of the Land, you know, morons? ;)

    Might I have a proper Spaceballs salute?

  6. says

    @#3, procyon:

    And yet, if you really believed what Christians common claim to believe, then what this woman did is not actually wrong. The problem isn’t so much that there’s a blurred line between delusion and religion, it’s that we tolerate the delusions of religion on the principle that “surely nobody will ever actually follow through on that”.