Say hello to my little friend

Some students visited my spider-haunted office with a few questions, and they noticed…a spider descending from the ceiling. They shouldn’t have been surprised.

It was a jumping spider! I think they’re following me around now, because I’m finding spiders everywhere I go.


  1. vereverum says

    A. Seems to be missing a starboard leg.
    B. Probably really are following you around, even seeking you out. You may be broadcasting arachnophiliac pheromones.

  2. wajim says

    Jeebis, a Pacino reference. You are the one prof in the hundreds I encountered through my 7 year masters of what-not. (MWN, Missoula, ’97). This is to say I now know far less about so much more, of course, in the best way, because of a few, sordid, silly people like you. So, there’s that.

  3. says

    I love these little guys. Couple months back, I had one that would occasionally appear on my computer monitor that would dance with my mouse pointer.