Are you looking for spooky stories to tell tonight?

Karen Stollznow has written some and is selling them on Amazon. These are variations on the kinds of modern myths you may have heard as a skeptic many times, but they all have slight twists, which means we’ll probably be hearing these as True Facts™ sometime. Don’t Leave Me, Unforeseen Circumstances, Welcome Home, I Am Me, and The Dark Road are all available on Kindle right now. Download and read them at the Halloween party tonight! They’re all short stories and perfect for a creepy session around the fireplace.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    1. Lovecraft short stories.
    2. “Laundry” novels by Charles Stross
    3. Check Youtube for presentations of various entities/objects from the “SCP Foundation” narrative universe.
    4. Watch “Hellsing Ultimate” on Youtube. Then watch the parody “Hellsing Ultimate Abridged”
    (I especially like the part where the vampire messes with the Vatican by draping a rainbow flag over the giant Jesus statue at Rio de Janeiro)