All these people I know are hanging out around the Target Center in Minneapolis, which seems to be the happening scene tonight.

It goes without saying that everyone I know is there to protest the Nazi rally going on, not attend it.


  1. microraptor says

    I’m just imagining sticking a MAGA sign on a stick with an Impeach Trump sign.

    They go together so well, don’t they?

  2. foolishleader says

    I want to see pictures of all the police wearing the cops for Trump shirts. we could provide a pamphlet to people… Is the police officer that pulled you over a racist?

  3. sparks says

    Hey, toughguy: Norton tells me there’s a threat at the linky you just posted. Wanted to view the pic, but no way with that shit going on. :-(

  4. Gordon Davisson says

    @sparks try this instead: http://schwie.com/brad/images/keep/IMG_9552.mov

    It might not work; for some reason, my browser wouldn’t play it, but after I downloaded it it played fine. Anyway, it’s a guy dressed as stereotypical Jesus, at a protest, holding up a “Not MY President” sign.

    Explanation of the “threat” warning: the link @toughguy posted used “https”, which requires a secure connection, but the server doesn’t have a proper (trustworthy) certificate to prove its identity (it has a “self-signed” certificate). I gave a plain “http” link, which doesn’t request a secure connection, so shouldn’t have a problem.

  5. Allison says

    Sounds like Trump hired troublemakers as security.

    So he’s got his own SA (Sturmabteilung) now?
    Let’s see, what’s next? Maybe Trump’s version of Reichskristallnacht?

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