320 students dispatched

They’re off to join the workforce, or professional or grad school. We had UMM’s 56th commencement ceremony today. This is the view of a biology faculty member perched on the steps of the atrium, along with other bio faculty and bio grads, looking out at the sea of family members taking pictures of us all. It’s better than being on the red carpet at the Oscars, because we didn’t just churn out a few hours of entertainment, we created a small swarm of smarter, better educated humans.

Unfortunately, we all had to wear heavy medieval black robes rather than Givenchy and Versace. If we were to dress appropriately for the event, it ought to look more like the Met Gala. I wonder what the administration would think if we all agreed to go all out with fabulous outfits for commencement? The students would probably think it a fine idea.


  1. nomdeplume says

    A room full of hope and pride. What will happen to all those keen young people in Trump’s America?

  2. says

    What will happen to all those keen young people in Trump’s America?

    Given his age, they will get to watch him die. With a bit of work, they’ll see him realize that everything he has done is being laid waste. Trump tried to shit all over Obama’s legacy; I hope the young people of today fucking erase Trump.

  3. KG says

    “Soon you’ll be out, amid the cold world’s strife,
    Soon you’ll be sliding down the razor blade of life!”
    – Tom Lehrer, College Days

  4. anchor says

    THIS is how its done…how to make a better world. Congratulations to the students and their instructors!

  5. blf says

    could you afford Givenchy and Versace on a Professor’s salary?

    What, with all the zillions from Big Pharm, and zillions more from Big Climate Change, and quite probably sums from Big Chemtrails, Big Evolution, and Big Atheist, so yes… could easily own both Givenchy and Versace.