1. says

    It has been a weak year for film overall. I haven’t seen everything I need to yet (I haven’t seen Vice, Beale Street, The Wife, Vice, Can You Ever Forgive Me? yet) but there is a slew of very good films and no truly great ones released this year. When Green Book (save the white savoir and/or magic negro argument I accept it as criticism) is by far and away the best film released in the year it isn’t exactly a great year for film.

  2. Steve Bruce says

    Blackkklansman and Black Panther were both great but Roma was easily the best movie of the year for me.

  3. chrislawson says

    I like Black Panther and I’m really glad it broke the stupid, self-perpetuating Hollywood myth that a black cast means bad box office, especially one that so blatantly savages colonialism and its modern defenders. But I really could have done without the mediocre parts of the story (an advanced society that chooses kings[!] by hand-to-hand combat? really? and that silly climactic fight?).

    Fortunately, there’s another film on that list that succeeds even better at attacking racism and is a better constructed story and superbly performed and directed…and that’s Blackkklansman — my current pick for best film of the year (although I’ve missed a lot of movies this year, including a number that look really good).

    Annihilation is also in my top 5 (pending viewings of other movies). It’s the only Alex Garland film that I think works as a complete narrative. And the imagery is beautiful and haunting.

  4. says

    I’m going on the Philosophers in Space podcast in a few weeks to talk about Annihilation. It’s good, and it also grew on me even more when I rewatched it recently.

  5. Alt-X says

    Haven’t seen many this year, but I liked:
    Sorry to Bother You
    A Quiet Place
    Johnny English Strikes Again
    Deadpool 2
    And really enjoyed the TV show Killing Eve.