Naked conversation!

Michele Ashbaugh has this YouTube series where she interviews people while in the bathtub, and she asked me to join in, so I did. Don’t worry, we’re both only seen from the neck and shoulders up, so you’re not going to get a show.

There are others in this series, if you’re curious what people sound like when they’re naked. Turns out they still sound like ordinary people.


  1. davidnangle says

    I solve problems and come up with creative ideas in the shower. Never thought of being interviewed in it. Certainly not in the tub.

  2. Little Boots says

    I know you get funny about this stuff, in your Midwestern way, but I don’t get the horror of nudity. You’re good, Michele’s good. It’s all fine, and you guys have a very interesting conversation.

    I feel more exposed with this nym, cause I went batshit for awhile.

    At any rate, I learned a lot from your talk.

  3. Raucous Indignation says

    When I lived in NYC, I stumbled over a program on community access cable where a naked woman was giving a naked man a haircut. It was incredibly mundane and asexual.