Jessica Williams vs. Gordon Klingenschmitt

The man is totally outclassed.

The most telling exchange is when Klingenschmitt tries to justify oppressing transgender people because all of them are sexual predators.

That is perversion. it’s people who label themselves as transgender for the purpose of getting that access to violate the rights of others.

“Is it fair to say that because you’re a priest that you’re a pedophile?”

Well, of course not.

“Why, ‘Of course not’? Why?”

Because some people are criminals and some people are not criminals.

“Could you take that logic and apply that to the transgender community?”

They’re apples and oranges.

“By apples and oranges do you mean apples and apples?”


  1. johnson catman says

    Wow! Klingenschmitt has to put on his costume to perform. Of course, alter-ego or not, he is still a bigot.

  2. throwaway, butcher of tongues, mauler of metaphor says

    Klingingshit gets to have another self, but transgender people can’t be their true selves.

    Also witnessed the moment his brain shut off to any opposing viewpoints at the point she said “apples to apples.” The eye close was like a hard reboot to get him back into compartmentalization mode. It makes me sad that I know this person will not be convinced by logic and facts and will make the lives of honest, loving, kind, normal people that much fucking harder.

  3. Golgafrinchan Captain says

    And of course when Williams presses Klingenschmitt on why transgender people are a problem, he resorts to bible verses. This has nothing to do with safety in washrooms. It’s, once again, about trying to impose their theocracy on society. If they think it’s wrong to deviate from the the sex on their birth certificate, nobody is forcing them. They just don’t get to force that on other people.

    When my daughter was in daycare, there was a boy who liked to wear dresses. While I feel bad about the crap he’ll have to deal with (and already has), I’m happy that my daughter and the other children were exposed early to gender non-conformance in a supportive environment. The daycare handled it very well; if kids ever asked about it, they were just told that he likes to wear dresses and he’s allowed to if he wants to. I can’t say for sure how they would have handled it if he identified as a girl, but they were pretty awesome so I’m hopeful. If any of them held any bigoted views, they hid it well.

    My wife and I took it a step further at home and explained that sometimes girls have penises, sometimes boys have vaginas, sometimes people have both, and sometimes they have surgery so their bodies match how they feel inside. When we talk about her getting married (“if she wants to”), we are careful to say “husband or wife” instead of just “husband”. We explain that because she’s a girl, she’ll probably be interested in boys but some girls like to date girls, some boys like to date boys, and some people like both; she’ll know when she knows.

    Note: I can’t currently see any flaws with our approach but, if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, we’re always interested in other perspectives.

  4. says

    If they’re so worried about bathroom safety perhaps they should mandate the gender of janitors match the bathroom they’re cleaning. If you’re a scumbag who wants to molest people in bathrooms spending 50 bucks on a janitor’s uniform at the local uniform supply place is a far easier and safer tactic than claiming to be transgender and presenting as a woman.

  5. Vivec says

    I’m glad I at least live in a time where something like this can air. Society has a long way to go, but I’m glad that there’s at least fairly visible mainstream people willing to go to pitch for us.

  6. bargearse says

    Williams vs Klingenschmitt? Talk about fighting out of you weight class. I can’t see it because as previously noted Comedy Central hates Australia but I hope the ref stopped the fight.

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    throwaway… @ # 3: The eye close was like a hard reboot …

    Learn to recognize the signs of demonic possession!

  8. Golgafrinchan Captain says

    Something else just occurred to me. Every single daycare I ever worked in had one single bathroom per age group, with no walls between the toilets. Would these laws require them to build separate bathrooms?

  9. Petal to the Medal says

    Jessica Williams may be my favorite person on TV since Jon Stewart left. She’s great. Is Klingenschmitt really so dense that he didn’t know he would be proving how absurd he is by changing into a priest costume in the middle of the interview?

  10. Golgafrinchan Captain says

    @Daz: Uffish, yet slightly frabjous #13

    Sweeeeeeet! I have now tested it with the Daily Show segment on sex ed in Nevada and it worked (after installing flash player). I usually use Chrome but I can just pop over to Firefox when I want to watch US-only videos.

    Thank you muchly.

  11. Scientismist says

    Quote from one of the transgender people in the video:

    Hopefully they can understand that we are striving towards becoming a more authentic version of ourselves after a lot of soul-searching and a lot of thought and sometimes a lot of trauma and tragedy…

    There’s your problem. Theocrats like Klingenschmitt believe that there is no such thing as an “authentic self” outside of their Biblical playbook, and trauma and tragedy are the price of non-conformity. Note that some North Carolina politicians are now blaming the city government of Charlotte for the growing boycott of the state. If they had just conformed to the bigotry of the rest of the state, there would have been no problem.

    Jessica Williams, by suggesting that both priests and transgender people should be judged as individuals, was asking Klingenschmitt to think outside the Book, which, as we can see in the video, is enough to make any theocrat wince. If he can’t find a quote for it in his searchable smartphone Bible, it’s not an authentic moral or social concern.

  12. kagekiri says

    Well, yeah, it really IS apples to oranges, but in a way that makes Klingenschmitt all the more a piece of shit.

    Catholic Priests are a job united under one organization, and many of them ARE complicit in the child molestation or the minimization of it just by vocation; they contribute significant time and resources to the organization that is responsible for the cover up. Williams allowing him to say some priests are innocent is a point I do not even concede.

    You could reasonably shout at a priest for the crimes and moral failings of their organization, and expect answers for why they continue to be priests. They are asking for unequal treatment compared to other individual predators, and have a top-down structure that they choose to submit to

    As opposed to trans people, who are not accountable to each other at all in any way, and fundamentally can not be blamed for the crimes of any other trans person, anymore than random cis people can be blamed for the crimes committed by other unrelated cis people. They’ve also, as a group, not been responsible for crimes, because they are not a concerted organization united under a common leader and dogma.

  13. wzrd1 says

    Beyond intellectual dishonesty on the part of a very specific “side”, my takeaway is singular.
    I’m out of both apples and oranges and, I really don’t give a flying fuck about whatever gender identification, sexual orientation, faith, creed, color or national origin of anyone in the bathroom when I’m eliminating bodily waste. As for the odor, my apologies, but it is what it is.
    As for the former, anyone want to e-mail attach some apples and oranges?

  14. unclefrogy says

    from the depth of argument I wonder if Gordon Klingenschmitt has another alter-ego or costume he could change into but did not think he would need so he did not bring it with him. ( the all white one with the pointy hat)
    uncle frogy

  15. zardeenah says

    Was it just me, or was that man rocking some mixed textiles? Did anyone see 4 tassels on the corner of his robes? I sure didn’t.

    Too bad punishments weren’t included for those… But since they’re just a couple verses down from the men’s/women’s clothing one, let’s assume they’re the same.

    No cakes for Klingenschmidtt. Mixed fibers only restrooms?

  16. says

    Golgafrinchan Captain @ 4:

    Note: I can’t currently see any flaws with our approach but, if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, we’re always interested in other perspectives.

    I think you’re doing a great job.

  17. Pierce R. Butler says

    These damn sinful women, always pushing their wicked apples!


  18. Jake Harban says

    I only see a black box where the video ought to be. :(

    From the quote, though, I compliment Klingenschmitt on his impressive skill at crimestop. No one does a better job of failing to understand rudimentary logic when it leads to unorthodox conclusions.

  19. zibble says

    @4 Golgafrinchan Captain

    In college, i worked briefly as a janitor for a daycare center. They had lots of toys and things to play with, including some child sized Disney princess dresses. One day, i saw one of the boys wearing the Cinderella dress.

    I don’t even think he was transgender. It’s just that kids aren’t born with their parents’ prejudices. His female friends got to wear this cool thing from a movie he’d seen, so why couldn’t he?

  20. gijoel says

    Thanks Daz for the add on. Now I have to lie down somewhere till the red haze settles down. :(

  21. wzrd1 says

    Heh, gijoel, I have the opposite. Of late, I have to sit down until gray resolves back into color vision again.
    That means, I have to titrate my beta blockers as my anti-thyroid medication controls my hyperthyroidism.
    That’s a good thing, as my aortic dilation caused by the extreme hypertension made my stomach look like a thing out of an Alien movie.

  22. Matthew Trevor says

    Daz @ 29

    Hola is actually pretty terrible. It turns your computer into an exit node (so you run the risk of others using your box to hit illegal sites), has a bad history of easily hacked vulnerabilities, and actually sells access to others to use your box (as an aggregate of computers) for whatever purpose they like. Such as denial of service attacks.

    More details here, if you’re interested. As a general rule of thumb with the internet, if you’re not paying for something then you are the product. seems to have a pretty good reputation as a VPN provider, and has cheap $2 & $5 plans. (I’m not affiliated with but have used them in the past)

    Your criticism of Chrome, however, is utterly justified.