I should watch this Bingus Gabberdeen show

It seems they specialize in destroying my foes.

What? But everywhere I go on the interwebs there are links to sites that promise I will see my enemies devastated, and that point #17 is especially hilarious. They lie? Can I sue them?


  1. says

    I believe Trump has the +5 Heel of Vecna, which makes the bearer immune to stinging rebukes. It gives a flat +5 on all saving throw rolls for sarcasm, irony, and parody. If the target is carrying a shield of obliviousness they can tank practically anything.

  2. Matrim says


    A Mordenkainen’s Disjunction should fix that, but we’ll need someone capable of casting 9th level arcane spells, or we all need to pitch in to get a scroll.

  3. fakeusername says

    @2: His Feeblemind aura will make that tricky. If the caster gets caught in the aura, the penalties to INT and CHA will make it impossible to cast.

  4. screechymonkey says

    Don’t forget that Trump has a permanency version of Bigby’s Tiny Digits.

  5. fakeusername says

    @7: I don’t know of any WIS-based arcane caster, with the possible exception of some oddball PrC that doesn’t get 9th-level spells. There might be a Cleric domain that grants Disjunction as a domain spell, but PZM would need to hold off on his Intercession ability for that to work.

  6. fakeusername says

    @PZM: Of course not. You’re an Expert 4 / Pure Legion Enforcer 4. I have no idea how you picked up Intercession, though — normally, only Corrupters and quells get that, and you’re clearly neither.

  7. karpad says

    well, you can play a cleric of atheism now. More recent editions allow for non-worshipping clerics.

    Although in the narrow capacity of Dungeons and Dragons worlds, being a religious person makes more sense, since those gods can be empirically demonstrated to exist, and exchange favors for worship

  8. DanDare says

    I like clerics although in my campaigns they are more political than magical. Their spell acquisition gets limited by congregation size so converting worshippers is important to them.

  9. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    I take the Bakerloo line to Maida Vale and invoke the Bigwell-Gatterslee codicil….

    Oh wait, wrong game.

  10. Intaglio says

    But if you make an error you could get lost in the tunnels at Oxford Circus you might end up going Finsbury Park!

  11. Markus Schäfer says

    Well, there was also the Athar faction in Sigil. They accepted the existence of the “gods” but questioned their worship-worthiness (and the applicability of the moniker “gods”).

  12. says

    @8 I’m playing pathfinder, so you need an archetype. You go wild blooded and then take the Empyreal bloodline to get Wisdom casting as a sorcerer.

  13. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says


    Surely you don’t think I’d be so foolish as to not apply the Llewellyn-Briggs correction? [counts negatives…yes, I think that’s right] Worst case scenario, I take a loop around the Circle Line and end up at Farringdon.

  14. fakeusername says

    baroncognito: Cool, I didn’t know about that one. I was mixing systems — Pure Legion Enforcer is a Pathfinder PrC, but I haven’t seen the Intercession ability outside of D&D 3.5e and DDO.