Look who’s loose now

Kent Hovind is running free now, except for that pesky probation requirement that means he has to get a court’s permission before leaving the state of Florida.

Oh, hey, who’s that with him?


Jim Bob Duggar went to Florida to welcome Kent Hovind? That’s a creepy collection of sleazy people right there (I’m not sure who the woman is, though…Jo Hovind?). I look forward to more ratfkery to dissect in the near future.


  1. mirele says

    It’s obvious Kent’s been out of the loop lately or he just doesn’t give a damn about Jim Bob, protector of Josh Duggar, who sexually abused his sisters and a babysitter. Wow, just wow.

  2. throwaway, butcher of tongues, mauler of metaphor says

    Christofascist Reconstructionists gotta stick together.

  3. Randomfactor says

    Jim Bob may soon find himself in heaps of trouble due to the civil lawsuit. I think the judge might have a problem with those two criminals associating.

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    It looks like they’re driving on a highway funded by non-sovereign citizens, i.e. taxpayers. Why don’t they stick to conveyance provided by the Kingdom of Heaven?

  5. Hoosier X says

    Mike Huckabee was too busy making Christ look stupid, intolerant and petty.

  6. says

    Kent, have you rehabilitated yourself?

    I know the answer to that one — a categorical no. Even if he does abide by the terms of his probation (typically get a W2 job) he is still just as much a tax protester today as he was the day he was arrested. He still believes his 2006 conviction will be overturned one day.

  7. rrhain says

    Is it a good thing that I have no idea what the Duggars or Hovind look like?

  8. newenlightenment says

    is there any footage of them driving? Would be delightfully ironic if ‘highway to hell was playing in the background’

  9. petemoulton says

    @ #12:

    I respectfully disagree. Knowing what they look like will help you avoid them.

  10. dancaban says

    Three out four people appear not be wearing their seat belt in a car that looks to be in motion. Is it an offense in the USA to do so?

  11. mwalters says

    @ #15:

    Some state seat belt laws have rear-seat exceptions. Florida used to be one such. Don’t know if they still are (there’s been a slow trickle of backseat exceptions going away).

  12. steve1 says

    I noticed that Jim Bob is the only one wearing a seat belt.
    Maybe he knows he is in a vehicle full of crazies.

  13. Numenaster says

    I guess Jim Bob doesn’t REALLY trust in the Lord to shield him in the palm of His mighty hand.

  14. stpetefl says

    I spent alot of time around this moron kent! I can thank him for me becoming a athiest! I was forced to watch his endless propaganda vhs’s. He would come speak at the Baptist reform school I was forced to attend. His teachings are nuts. This is the reason religion is harmful. We were forced to address him as Dr.Kent! really he thinks he has a doctorate? they said his first paper was at the level of a pre-teen at a un accredited college. I dislike you very much MR.Hovind

  15. vgerdj says

    “Creationists trying to win their Darwin awards.” Darwin Awards are for those who remove themselves from the gene pool before they procreate, but these crotch-stains would get dishonorable mention.