1. Callinectes says

    I expect this kind of anti-bivalve prejudice from Ed, but not you, PZ. I am disappointed.

    Now I have to find a new role-model for invertebrate justice activism.

  2. borax says

    Just read the youtube comments. This may be the first time I’ve read them without despairing for humanity.

  3. bbgunn says

    ZeFrank is probably what happens when Firesign Theatre and David Attenborough produce a baby (“bebby”)!

  4. gussnarp says

    That moment when Ze breaks character and can’t help a natural giggle when discussing his search history containing “pictures of an octopus’s butthole”!

    Where is the octopus’s anus?

  5. gussnarp says

    @pentatomid – Ah, that’s about what I would have figured. So it all pretty much comes out right next to the siphon…

  6. gussnarp says

    Oh wow, so are those yellow lines coming from the brain huge nerve fibers running out to each of the arms?

  7. trollofreason says

    I got my mom hooked on these. She loves ZeFrank.

    My favorite line: Unless, after a while, you found out that one of your arms was an asshole…

  8. woozy says

    B.C. was my favorite comic strip until Johnny Hart got all Jesus-infected.
    Sad. It was like a very public psychotic breakdown with no-one coming to the rescue. I’m old enough to think it was a pretty recent occurrence rather than the vast majority of its run. It was such a science friendly absurdist humor seldom seen that it’s really sad that it’ll be forever known for the right-wing whacko shit that most people see it as. Very sad. It was a great, great, strip at first.