Read Kelly Barnhill

I just read On Feminism, Anti-Feminism, and the Things That Mystify Me, and bam, just like that, I was compelled to go buy one of her books. I think that means she might be a witch.


  1. Kelly Barnhill says

    Well, yes, it’s true re: the witch bit, but good god man, keep it down! We gotta keep a low profile.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I am terrible at buying books lately…for me. But for my kids? Yep. I take them to the library, too, but owning books is a must for young readers.

  3. says

    Reading the comments on her blog, I see many people supporting Ms Barnhill, which is quite refreshing. As we’ve seen in the atheist movement, speaking up about gender equality often brings out the Asshole Brigade.

    I *did* find one commenter-Kate-I strongly disagree with:

    I consider myself a feminist. But establishment feminism tells me that I have no place at the table, because I believe that abortion is a grave injustice against women and children. Not only does this disqualify me from feminism, but in some circles it disqualifies me from any right to speak publicly as a woman or about women’s issues.

    For years, this meant that discussion of feminism left a bad taste in my mouth, since what has been communicated to me is that feminism is solely concerned with promoting and safeguarding access to abortion and contraceptives, and that all other issues are secondary to the single (rather horrific) message that women can only gain equality through violence against those weaker than ourselves

    Where are these feminists who are treating abortion as the primary message of feminism?
    She is being disqualified from speaking in public about women’s issues? By whom? Or does she feel that her voice should be given a platform by feminist groups?

    I am not going to question her dedication to feminism.
    I *will* however, question her understanding of the issue at the core of Pro-Choice movement.
    I find it troubling that her comments discuss abortion, rather than the right of women to choose for themselves, which is the larger issue that many feminists are fighting for.
    If you personally don’t want an abortion, the choice should be yours.
    If you personally *do* want an abortion, the choice should be yours.
    In neither case should there be any opposition to that choice, bc that is the right of each woman to make the choice they feel is best for themselves. The commenter doesn’t come out and say she is actively ‘Pro-life’, so I hesitate to say she is definitely anti-choice, but her comments do point in that direction.
    Later on, she says this:

    We’re all better off if we safeguard and strengthen the vulnerable and weak, in whatever situation, and preserve the dignity and well-being of each person.

    The implication here is that we should do whatever it takes to preserve fetuses and existing human beings. The conflation of fetuses with people continues here. Fetuses are *not* people, and should not be granted personhood.
    She says all of this without a hint of understanding why many women choose to have an abortion.
    No apparent understanding of the many health related reasons women choose to have an abortion.
    No apparent understanding of the right to bodily autonomy that women have.
    My reading of her comments indicates she has an absolutist stance against abortion.

    Then I think about people like Savita Hallapanavar. And I weep.

  4. JohnnieCanuck says

    Jeez, PZ. Have you forgotten that whole Exodus 22:18 thing? Our only hope is that no literal Bible believing True Christian™ reads this.

  5. lochaber says

    One of the comment threads over there took a turn for the absurd.


    I don’t know if it’s someone trolling, or if they are actually that confused about how society works.

  6. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    Uh, there’s a long string where the troll’s comments have been deleted. All I can tell is that he brought up death camps?

    WTF happened?

  7. jjodieb says

    I read Kelly’s post and immediately sent the link to my 23 yo daughter and 21 yo old son. Wow! Ther’s so much a woman just learns to ignore or disrefard. Or, people learn to ignore. Thank you for sharing her powerful wake-up call.