Women at #WiSCFI

It’s this weekend! And look, more women are attending!

I am so looking forward to Women in Secularism: not only is it a sign of progress that atheism can broaden its reach, but it’s a meeting where I don’t have to give a talk, and so nothing is hanging over my head and I can just kick back and enjoy the entire event.


  1. Louis says

    There will be WOMEN at Women In Secularism 2?

    Oh no no no no! That’s clearly misandrous. If there are too many women there then the men present and speaking will have too much work to do mansplaining to the women on how to be better women secularists. This is an unfair burden on the men. We demand a 2:1 man to woman ratio so that men can take mansplaining breaks, lie down on fainting couches etc.

    Obviously that ratio will need to be changed to 1:1 or even 1:2 for the evening events where only the attractive women will be allowed to attend in order to engage in mild “being the objects of affection” for the assembled men.

    Honestly, it’s political correctness gone mad I tell you.


  2. says

    I remember being pretty darn meh about the first WIS conference. It was another skeptics conference that I couldn’t really attend and wasn’t terribly interested in attending. If I had the time and money to travel t a conference this one was far down the list. This year on the other hand I still don’t have the time and money to go but if I could go to a conference this one would be at the top of the list. The interesting part to me is what a year can do.

  3. says

    Louis @3: I’m bringing my own man to ‘splain it all to me. Between him and PZ, perhaps my ladybrainz will finally grok my proper role in secularism.

  4. Louis says

    Irisvanderpluym, #6,

    Well of course! The idea that you would be permitted to go to any event unaccompanied is risible!

    Make sure you simper appropriately and take good note of your owner’s words.


  5. jamiejag says

    Should you really be using the phrase “… broaden its reach …” in this context?

  6. Goodbye Enemy Janine says

    Should you really be using the phrase “… broaden its reach …” in this context?

    Please bury this in a remote spot and never speak of it again.

  7. says

    Louis: Oh, no! I’m not bringing on owner.

    I’ll have no one to simper to and it’s really improper to simper at strange men. One doesn’t wish to get a reputation as an easy simperer. :D

    Won’t someone think of the simpering?

  8. Stacey C. says

    I’m so sad I can’t go. I’d love to but we have no cash right now and we’re in the middle of end of year prep(I work at a college). SIGHS.