My dance card is going to be full

I’m going to be attending the Women in Secularism conference in Washington DC this May (go, everyone, go!), and now I’m going to another conference: Empowering Women Through Secularism on 29-30 June in Dublin, Ireland. If you can’t make it to the CFI event, go to that one! Or both! They’re going to be excellent.

Here’s the speaker list so far for the Dublin conference:

I see three gentlemen on that list who are going to be the recipients of lots of ‘mangina’ comments…but I don’t care, this is important.

Also, Dublin, a marvelous city. I’ll see you there.


  1. says

    Any man who uses the word “mangina” in any context other than to mock men who use it seriously really should be barred from appearing in public without adult supervision.

  2. screechymonkey says

    Caine, I’m assuming it’s already happened. “What? She’s going back to Dublin? But she swore that she was so traumatized by her near-rape in an elevator that she’d never go back!* This is proof that she lied! I knew she was making the whole thing up, it was too implausible. Plus, it’s an ordinary thing that happens every day and is no big deal.**”

    *– Not a word of that sentence is true. But really, when has that stopped them?
    ** — Contradiction doesn’t bother them, either.

  3. says


    Caine, I’m assuming it’s already happened.

    Yeah. The assholery is a given, I just wondered if they knew yet. I can’t say how much I admire Rebecca’s willingness to go back, knowing what those assclams are going to do.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Ohhhhhh, Dublin! I’m tempted!!! But you do remember what happened last time we went there, PZ, right?

    Ooh, will EG proposition RW again? Stay tuned folks, this could be interesting….*zzzzzz*

  5. lexie says

    Sounds like fun PZ. Hopefully some of the talks might be filmed so those of us who can’t go can also hear them. I really hope Rebecca has a great time in Ireland this time.

  6. Chaos Engineer says

    I’m sure Rebecca is going to be so damned tired of jokes about that that there is no way I’m going to go there.

    Sigh, I had a great joke, but now that I think about it I’ve got to agree with you. I guess I’ll fall back on the old standby:

    Q. Which European nation has the fastest-growing economy?
    A. Ireland, because it’s capital is always Dublin!

  7. latsot says

    I think I’ll go to the Dublin one. There are some amazing speakers and the last one was fun.

  8. Don Quijote says

    bbbut, evlevators in Dublin are totally safe because Dublin is in the EU doncha know:Right?

    Working towards going to Dublin, so if you see a Spanish looking man resembling Antonio Banderas but more the age of Julio Iglesias, it’s not me.

  9. Sili says

    Hmm – I’ll have to check if the exams can carry all the way till the 28th. I won’t know if I have any until late May, unfortunately.

  10. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Drinking pints, surrounded by a group of fiercely intelligent, secular women…you are one lucky man! Have fun. Perhaps you can arrange some sort of Google video footage from a pub, so the rest of us can drink along?

  11. birgerjohansson says

    When you go to Ireland, avoid this place:
    Feline monster is using keyboard as pillow, it is hard to type. Anyway, have a good journey.
    — — — — — — —
    I see Taslima Nasrin has some nasty news from Bangladesh. Thank Odin* we can express ourselves freely here.
    (*Odin has a raven named “thought”, which makes him smarter than most imaginary friends. Also, he suffered to get wisdom, unlike those who just learn from holy books. My favourite zod)

  12. Matrim says

    Holy flying sex-snakes. After deciding I was going to go because the lineup sounds like a real tour de force I checked the prices and remembered why I only ever go to Skepticon. Now I’m sad…

  13. charlessoto says

    So, I just realized that I’ve heard that phrase “dance card” a zillion times and I don’t actually know the reference. Guess there’s wikipedia…

  14. Elayne Riggs says

    Wow, I never thought I’d see your name and Kate Smurthwaite’s on the same panel list! Please tell her I said hi, and I still have that little alligator toy she used as a prop in her act when she played NYC…