Original Gangstas are on notice

Sikivu Hutchinson has a good post up responding to the O.G.’s whispers about “The Uppity Negress”.

Is that what we’re calling the last generation of atheists, the O.G.s? All those grey-bearded old white guys…oh, wait.


  1. says

    I’ll be the first one to admit I had no idea what o.g. meant when I first read her piece. A few minutes with google made it much more understandable.

  2. Mattir says

    I’m glad that PZ wrote the social justice post, but I can’t even imagine how galling it must be for someone as articulate as Ms. Hutchinson to have random morons write to Teh White Menz Authority Committee™ to get her chastised for talking about race and secular humanism. PZ’s great, but he’s not the Atheist Pope, and Ms. Hutchinson would be correct even if PZ chose to rant about how she shouldn’t talk about race and secularism.

  3. Agent Silversmith, Feathered Patella Association says

    O.G.s, providing A.I.s (Acceptable Interpretations) to timorous pale atheist menz everywhere.

    Funny, I coulda sworn that Sikivu Hutchinson speaks English and that her blog has no racial restrictions on commenting.

  4. Evader, the parasite-infested branch on the evolutionary tree says

    Is there a “White Skeptics” site? Or is this it? Would anyone even visit a site called White Skeptics?

    Too hard to read that post without head hurt.

    I am once again reminded how amazing your writing style is PZ, thank you for ‘keeping it real’ (real easy to read and understand)..

  5. consciousness razor says

    Is there a “White Skeptics” site? Or is this it? Would anyone even visit a site called White Skeptics?


  6. consciousness razor says

    I do hope that was meant to be sarcastic.

    Poe’s law makes life very difficult.

  7. says

    I am a White Man. I’m sure Sikivu is familiar with that odd sensation of how one of my kind can produce a pallid copy of what a black woman writes, and have more attention paid to it than to her work.

    She’s probably not reconciled to it at all, though. It’ll never be fair.

  8. says


    It has already been explained why minorities who are underrepresented in mainstream atheism need their own spaces to focus on issues of particular interest to them.

    Also, your whole, “Gee PZ! You’re so awesome for writing in Standard English! I can’t understand all that weird black American dialect! It sure makes my head hurt! Why can’t they write like normal people?!” is fucking tasteless.