Time to stand up

Why should you go to the Reason Rally? Here’s a video that makes the case for you.

Rise up. We can do better. But first we have to stand against superstitious nonsense.


  1. says

    I can’t make the Reason Rally–but I agree with your point fully. I feel that it is more urgent to speak up now, where I was silent for so many years before. That is why I started my blog and started commenting on so many others. It is becoming more and more necessary to stand up to “superstitious nonsense” each day. Thanks for posting the video. It was great.

  2. jj7212 says

    THAT was a good video! Well done. Straight and to the point. Can I share a ride with anyone from here in Japan? lol I wish I could at least be in the same continent when the Reason Rally is taking place! Y’all have fun over there! I’ll be wishfully thinking for you!

  3. Tualha says

    Sorry for slightly off-topic: Are there actually so many children who need good homes? Friends of mine have been trying to adopt for years now, and they’ve gotten nowhere. (No legal impediment, they’re an opposite-sex couple.)