The 2011 Richard Dawkins Award goes to…

Who else but Christopher Hitchens?

This year, Richard Dawkins himself will present AAA’s
Richard Dawkins Award to Christopher Hitchens, who may accept in person or in
absentia as his schedule permits.

Christopher Hitchens is one of the most prolific
modern writers and exponents of atheism; he has appeared on every major news
and political television show offering opinions on political and social
issues.  He has contributed to Vanity FairThe
Slate, the New York Times Book Review,
and Atlantic Monthly, among many other publications.  His
books include Hitch 22: A MemoirGod is Not Great: How
Religion Poisons Everything
, and The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa
in Theory and Practice

Hitchens was born in Portsmouth, England and educated
at The Leys School in Cambridge and Balliol College, Oxford. He holds an honors
degree in philosophy, politics and economics. Hitchens emigrated to the United
States in 1981 and became an American citizen in 2007.  In June 2010,
Hitchens was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

The award will be given at the Texas Freethought Convention in October. I’ll be there, and I’m looking forward to it.