Creationists mocked, creationists whine

There’s a new musical production to be put on at Yale.

The Profit of Creation, featuring music by Tim Rosser, with book and lyrics by Charlie Sohne, will be directed by Evan Yionoulis, and music directed by Chris Fenwick. The musical concerns a liberal scientist who takes a bribe from a right-wing organization to head up the “Creation Museum” in Kentucky.

It’s already earned complaints from Ken Ham, so I think it may strike a little close to home for him. But what I really want to mention is the comment left at the link: isn’t this amazing?

I felt bad, so I decided to comment. Mainly since you guys get zero comments on most of your posts. I attribute it to you douchebagery and your almost clinical obsession with the Creation Museum. Seriously man get over it. Just get you Star Wars PJ’s on and go down into your lair in your mom’s basement and continue your sad,anime, internet porn, blogger sad little life. Maybe get up in the morning eat that fresh bowl of lucky charms your mom just poured for you and go help Joe find a Dermatologist to get that other head cut off his cheek. Who knows maybe you guys can go find big boy things to do instead of being, Oh i dont know….being little internet bloggers who think their incessant rants will somehow change the world. Thanks I love you, and look forward to your lame, sarcastic response.

I encourage Mr Anonymous to come over here where we get plenty of comments. If you’d like, you can put on your Star Wars PJs and leave some lame, sarcastic responses here for him, in case he does decide to pop on over.