Volunteers needed for Camp Quest!

Camp Quest is growing fast and is increasingly popular — they’re expecting at least 48 campers to show up at the Minnesota Camp Quest. They need more assistants! If you think you’d enjoy a week at a campground with a group of smart, secular kids, write and get more information and volunteer.


  1. Blind Squirrel FCD says

    Worked there years ago. Recommend it highly. Please don’t pet the beavers.


  2. Jessie says

    For those in the UK who remember the fuss in the media about the first Camp Quest UK, there will be camps in Somerset and Lincolnshire in 2010. Both still have places available.

  3. Savannah says

    Like BS, I volunteered in the past at Camp Quest and would highly recommend it as well. The volunteers and campers were very fun, and the experience was rewarding. As you can see from the main website, there are also camps in Ohio, Smoky Mountains, Ontario, Michigan, California, UK, Florida and Texas.

  4. Katrina says

    I’m just hoping they open a Camp Quest somewhere closer to the PNW than California, before my children are too old to go.

  5. recovering catholic says

    Wish this had been around when my kids were small. In order for me to continue my job we sometimes had to send them to Vacation Bible Schools and various other religious camps–that’s all there was. But they were smart enough by then not to take the religious crap seriously (even though they were forced to learn the names of the books of the old testament in order).

  6. Jadehawk, OM says

    sounds fun, but apparently I might be digging for extinct critter bones somewhere in Poland around that time.

    and on another note, the link on their site to the volunteer information seems to be broken

  7. Newman says

    I’m volunteering for the one in California. It’s close enough to Davis for easy travel.

  8. TJ Hanlon says

    We need more of these. Far, far too many children are being indoctrinated by parents who don’t even know there’s a choice.