Ray Comfort needs some help

In more ways than one. You know I mocked his weird decision to sell an edited version of Darwin’s Origin with a long-winded creationist introduction just this morning…and he’s already edited the ad to include a quote from me.

“It’s like a book with multiple personality disorder — two parts that absolutely hate each other; an intro that is the inane product of one of the most stupid minds of our century, and a science text that is the product of one of the greatest minds of the author’s century.” PZ Myers, biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris

Now he has put out a call for someone to write a foreword for his very bad anti-atheist book. It seems to me that if he thinks it is appropriate for an idiot creationist to write an introduction to one of the most influential books in science, he needs a similar mismatch for his brain-dead little book…which means he needs a smart atheist to write that foreword.

I nominate ERV.