Looking for me in Ashland?

There will be a few opportunities for informal conversation today. I’ll be on an evolution walk at Briscoe Geology Park at 2:00pm today, and for those of you who can’t bear the thought of seeing me without a beer or four in you, I’ll be popping by the Standing Stone Brewing Company sometime after 9:30…after my talk and after I’ve had some dinner with Jefferson Center folks. If I’m late, don’t panic, just have some good conversation with other godless Pharyngulistas, and I’ll get there eventually.


  1. Brownian, OM says

    I can’t bear the thought of doing anything without a beer or four in me.

    But that’s because I have a problem.

  2. Mariana Lynch says

    Damn, I wanted to come see your talk more than anything. I wanted my Jehovah’s Witness father to come with me– we’ve had a lot of difficulty because I “came out” recently.

    I thought it’d be nice because he (and my mom, for that matter) has a lot of misconceptions about atheists and has said some very hurtful things to me.

    But he won’t come. Apparently he’s (1) too busy working, (2) it conflicts with his religious beliefs and (3) he’s just not interested.

    Not interested shouldn’t mean a thing. I do whatever they want me to do with their church friends– I go to get-togethers, the memorial of Jesus’ death and even bow my head respectfully when they pray before dinner. I don’t have to do any of that– I’m “not interested”– but I do anyway because it’s important to them.

    The fact that he shot the idea down immediately with “sorry, I can’t because I have to work”– and would have left it at that if I hadn’t pushed him for a real answer– without even sounding sincere makes me question that being his main motive.

    Ahhhh… sorry guys. T^T

  3. Jyotsana says

    I would be there in a heartbeat if I didn’t have other obligations today. Pity I don’t like beer. Maybe tonight I’ll do a shot or three of Yazi Ginger Vodka in your honor :)

  4. brett says

    I won’t be in Southern Oregon, but I badly wish I could be. Standing Stone is one of my favorite small breweries on the West Coast, and an evening of (decreasingly) intelligent discussion there sounds pretty damn nice. Be sure to try the Double IPA.

  5. says

    man, I take my boy on that Evolution Walk everyday after work! it’s near my house. Maybe if I can talk the wife into it, I can sneak away to Standing Stone as well! yeehaw! What an exciting day!

  6. 'Tis Himself says

    Dagnabbit! Why’d I have to be born in Canada?

    When a mommy Canadian and a daddy Canadian love each other very much….

  7. kamaka says

    M.L. @ 2

    Sorry to have to break this to you, but there’s like zero chance that your folks’ attitude about this will ever change.


  8. Mariana Lynch says

    kamaka @ 9

    I don’t understand it and I think it’s a terrible shame to ruin a relationship over their fairy tales.

    But then again, it used to be very real to me too… I can only imagine the pain they feel over “losing” a child to “Darwinism.” After all, I won’t be saved and their family will be incomplete. I’m also their first child and only daughter.

    I realize that it’ll probably never change but it’s very hard for me to accept the way my parents– especially my father– see(s) me now. I’m still the same person, but I’ve come to different conclusions. I tried very hard to explain to him that I’m making the decisions for the same reasons as I always have: I want truthful, satisfying answers. I’m just as passionate and caring as I ever was– if not more. Evolution and naturalism have really helped me to appreciate the world around us, more than I ever did if I believed in a Creator.

    He just can’t appreciate that. AHHHH T^T

  9. kamaka says

    I think it’s a terrible shame to ruin a relationship over their fairy tales.

    Their fairy tales require them to (ruinously) disapprove of your viewpoint.

    it’s very hard for me to accept the way my parents– especially my father– see(s) me now.

    His disapproval is entirely his problem. The eternal-lifers build a wall between themselves and a real love of life and a real love of the people around them in their concern for some immortal soul.

    Evolution and naturalism have really helped me to appreciate the world around us

    It’s sad, really. They deprive themselves of the true wonder of all of life and the awesome beauty of the cosmos thinking their imaginary heaven is “even better”.


  10. Cap'n Phealy says

    Standing Stone is definitely one of my favorite spots in Ashland. We make the drive up 5 every year to see the OSF (mid-August, only a few months away…), and always end up having dinner and drinks there at least half of the nights we’re in town. Enjoy!

  11. James says

    Mariana Lynch,

    May I respectfully respect that your relationship with your Jehovah’s Witness father might improve if you discussed matters with him instead of publicly criticizing him on an internet forum?

  12. markfiend says


    May I respectfully suggest that you mind your own (non)goddam business and let Mariana deal with her situation in any way she feels fit?

    One of the thing I really like about Pharyngula is the way that it can work as a kind of atheist support group.

    My own parents still refer to me as “our heathen son”. :-/ I feel your pain Mariana.

  13. kamaka says

    James @ 14

    Said like a True BelieverTM.

    “Discussing matters” with a dogmatist is an exercise in futility, as any Pharyngulite knows all too well.

  14. Jesse says

    That was a fun and informative walk– Len Eisenberg was the guide, and he’s done a lot of work on this project! (Check out “http://evogeneao.com”.)

    PZ chuckled at one of my bad jokes! He also answered basic biology questions with considerable patience.