1. recovering catholic says

    Talk about tortured and convoluted prose. As I write on my student’s papers, Sylvia: “Do you READ what you’ve written???”

  2. voskw says

    This is just another example of the morals on display by the religiously inclined….anything is allowed so long as it’s done to further the faith.

    I agree to the book category reassignement, but I’ll have to disagree with the book-burning comment. I’d prefer to leave that tactic to them. I’d instead recommend skewering the book’s(or website’s) contents in the public domain by exposing it to empirical criticism. This is what the scientically inclined already do, and in this way the true intent will eventually be revealed for what it is…religious wackalooney!

  3. pcarini says

    That really was very low to do to Robert. It definitely crossed the line.

    I very much doubt that this was done intentionally to Robert, or that it was done by any Browne supporter. If your domain registration lapses (for whatever reason) it will be bought the instant it becomes available by cybesquatters. They use automated tools to buy lapsed domains, their reasoning presumably being that _someone_ had interest in that domain name in the past, so they may pay a hefty fee to get it back. It’s a safer bet for them than buying unused domain names that they think someone might want in the future.

    I think it’s a very slimy practice, and I suspect the domain registrars aid them in it, but I don’t think it’s a personal attack on Robert.

  4. pcarini says

    I posted the above before I actually looked at, which now contains links / advertisements for online psychic shops… that’s definitely low.

    “My humble curse: May their shit come to life and kiss them!”
    – Frank Zappa

  5. says


    That’s the thing I believe a lot of people don’t realize about psychics and paranormal studies — though lacking in rigor even by religion’s standards, it is still very much a form of religion (though the New Age in particular tends to take a rather postmodern slant on it). Despite the efforts of believer scientists over the years like Rhine, Puthoff, Sarfatti, and others (I’m tempted to include Reich as well, though he seems to have been more of the self-deluded Blondlot persuasion), the paranormal has shown the world very little that wasn’t already known, apart from maybe the basis for a few magic tricks, and it’s actually closed the door on a good many things that people took for granted throughout history.

  6. Dm says

    From the SSb site, “When trying to find a valid psychic the best thing you can do is get a referral.”

    Uh, yeah, right. These folks shouldn’t be allowed to talk, vote or breed.

  7. says

    Verisign or ICANN could make themselves useful and jump for people like this with the same speed as they do for crybaby firms boohooing over * domains.

  8. says

    Unless they knew that it lapsed due to illness, I can hardly blame them for snatching it up once it became available. I mean, if you don’t, someone else will.

    Sites are rotting and dying all the time, and one would probably just suppose that the site had died.

    It’s unfortunate, but it’s best just to get the new site going, and to let people know where it is now.

    Glen D

  9. says

    Presumably, the fact that there are no psychics at my door offering assistance indicates 1) either I am not in need of psychics’ assiatance, or 2) that my psychic cries are falling upon deaf psyches. There’s a third possibility: There just aren’t any psychics “in range.” You know who you are!

  10. Shadron says

    To bring up o date…

    The buyer of the domain name is reputedly Boris Kreiman, the chess player, who has a business in websites promoting psychics. His buy is therefore a natural, and it appears that he did it fair and square, though there is some controversy about’s ability to registrar domain names properly. He appears to have gotten some cold feet; he has placed the site up for auction on two different auctions (see posting just above mine) and has also offered to sell the domain to another person on randi’s forum. The illegalities of all this are wild; the pot is boiling over on this one…

    RSL always posted only the most carefully researched information on StopSylianBrowne (now htp://, and so in that vein, I want to caution. I read some stuff above about religious practitioners. I have no reason to believe that “Kreiman” is religious in any way, and that has not entered into the postings at I’d encourage people here to identify the problem before attacking (even if it is only to post a message). Enough rumors and misinformation abound without adding to it.

  11. shadron says

    PS: The campaign to have most of the links on he skeptical part of the web switched from the old location to the new appears to be bearing fruit with Google searches; in less than a week in some searches the two sites are tied for ranking. If you have a site which has links to the old site, make sure your link is edit to the new as soon as possible. There is a list of blogs tha have NOT been updated here:

  12. BZ says

    James Randi has pointed out that it is important that the link contain the words “Sylvia Browne” but not the word stop. This will help the google rankings even more.

  13. says

    Glad to see this one pharyngulated at last.

    The ebay details for make it pretty clear what this was about. Build a site that looks like it belongs at that domain (use it to link to your own site for a while) then quickly sell the domain using last quarter’s statistical data which, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the new content.

    But other than Robert Lancaster, who the hell would even want this domain – and why would Robert pay a premium to get it back when his site is still going strong?

    I too have summarised the saga.

  14. says

    I haven’t had the chance to check out the Stop Jenny McCarthy site until about a half hour ago. I think something’s wrong. A single page comes up that says “Chaotic Evil Fuck Off Killing Paladins Since 1986”. I don’t think that’s what’s supposed to come up. Please check it out and let me know if something

  15. says

    Knurl (#23):

    Oh, dear. The plot thickens. A quick WHOIS reveals that the domain-name registration was updated today (the registrant is Domains By Proxy, Inc.).

  16. JohnnieCanuck says

    Sorry, murci3lago.

    Your attempt is blocked by the way scienceblogs automatically adds rel=”nofollow” to links submitted in the comments.

    By following the ‘hat-tip’ links, I came to Skeptools’ detailed explanation of the necessary google-fu techniques.

  17. JohnnieCanuck says

    There is something else funny about the site. Fire fox complains about the certificate and when I check it, it is from They don’t exactly strike me as highly trustworthy.

  18. GunOfSod says

    Sorry can’t agree, I distinctly remember my glee when the Irish atheists managed to register (still have it, check out the homepage) out from under them. The difference being that was administered by a large number of people, and I doubt they lost the domain due to an oversight bought on by illness. Still this difference is not enough to quell my hypocrisy gland.

  19. Garry Sondag says

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