I also want the future and the past at the same time

I think I have a new favorite t-shirt supplier: Retropolis Transit Authority. Not only are the designs well done and stylish, but any designer who has both “mad geniuses” and “space pirates” as categories (not to mention “demented futuristic housewives,” which I somehow find highly titillating) is a winner in my book.


Remember: Father’s Day is coming up, and what dad wouldn’t want an “I still want my flying car” t-shirt?

(via Schlock Mercenary)


  1. Bride of Shrek says


    Your “hint” as to what dad wants for Father’s Day has just been transmitted to about 60,000 people.

  2. protocol6 says

    Not to mention he’s apparently admitting he’s a certifiable mad genius.

  3. says

    For my money, you still can’t go past “Science: It works, bitches”

    I’ve worn that one to a wide variety of venues. Everyone likes it, or at least everyone who comments on it does…

  4. Bride of Shrek says

    Heh, I just bought the “Ladies World Domination Society” shirt.

    Don’t make me come down there!

  5. says

    I’m not getting any cut from them, and they don’t advertise here — I just like the art.

    As for “certifiable mad genius” … two out of three is good enough, isn’t it?

  6. Overstroming says

    The “Back off, I’m doing science” shirt is great. Better if it used a different four letter word though.

  7. says

    Overstroming: you mean “Stand back, I’m going to try SCIENCE!”?

    or did this company shamelessly rip off Randall’s idea?

  8. JeffreyD says

    Ok, bought the “certifiable mad genius” tee. I also suggest looking at http://www.sagashirts.com/ for neat/weird Celtic tees, dropped $70 there this morning. The Ctheltic Cthulhu Tees are perfect for our tentacled overlord, PZ.

    Full disclosure, I do not get a discount or cut from this, wish I did, there are about 12 more I want.


  9. Sarcastro says

    Nothing for the Mad Science Faire?

    “Some are insane, some are angry, many are both.”

  10. What says

    I’m as big a nerd as the come, but who would actually wear any of those shirts in public?

  11. Laura says

    Thanks for the link, PZ! The “I still want my flying car” T-shirt is just the perfect thing for my nine-year-old daughter to give her Dad for Father’s Day. Awesome!

  12. Jack Chastain says

    Oh Man! Not enough time to get one before my very first Cafe Scientifique next week!

  13. JeffreyD says

    What, re your #17, I plan on wearing mine when I return to Afghanistan in late June, colour and whimsy are soooooo important during stress. Will also wear them at the beach, bought oversizes.

    Ciao, y’all

  14. G Barnett says

    I MUST have one of these. And I will wear it in public — to work even! AHAHAHAHAHA!

  15. Interrobang says

    If you don’t buy one of those “Back off, I’m doing SCIENCE!” shirts, PZ, I think we’re all going to be very disappointed in you. Myself, I can’t quite decide whether I want a Certifiable Mad Genius shirt or a Ladies’ World Domination Society shirt. (My friend Rustin may be getting the Genius or Science ones as a present, however.)

  16. DLC says

    I thought the line was “back off man, I’m a Scientist!”
    But they’re some nice shirts.

  17. Alex ogonov says

    My favorite T-Shirt is: “If you see me running – try to keep up”. Especially good around physics departments in universities.

  18. G Barnett says

    Just shipped my dad the “Back off, I’m doing SCIENCE!” t-shirt for Father’s Day. It’ll arrive a bit early, but that’s ok.

    I ordered it in purple, too. School colors and all that, ya know. It’s just the thing for an Organic Prof to wear to lab or something.

  19. Holydust says

    The “I still want my flying car” reminds me of the running theme in Warren Ellis’ “Desperation Jones” comic book. The future is now, and the future sucks, and people spray paint things like “where’s my $#$^ing jet pack” and “you owe me one flying car”.

    Gotta go back and read that again now. :D