Wheee, another airplane ride

In spite of all of the work piled up around me, I’m taking off today to attend the NEA/AFT Higher Education Joint Conference in Washington DC. I’m in the middle of this busy month where I spend just about every weekend flying off somewhere, in between weeks that still have the same teaching load waiting to be done.

I’m also supposed to be taped for WCCO while I’m in Minneapolis this evening, but after that, I may have to gatecrash the Minneapolis Drinking Liberally event, if it’s still going on. I hope I’m not thrown out by security.


  1. Cheezits says

    I hope I’m not thrown out by security.

    I hope you are. It makes for such great stories. :-D

  2. szqc says

    Never mind security – watch out for Matt Nisbet who is, after all, at AU in Washington DC. He may come and tell you to sit down and shaddap (though your reaction would be worth seeing, as tired as you likely are of all that).

    I’d say more but after Matt and Chris basically wanted to help “expel” you and Richard Dawkins, my irony meter melted (along with most of my respect for them) and I have to run go get it fixed now.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    I may have to gatecrash the Minneapolis Drinking Liberally event…

    Security alert! Who’s gonna be checking for tickets?

  4. says

    We almost didn’t want to let you in to the Pharyngulistas with Beer event on Saturday. Someone pointed out that we had to let you in so that your Trophy Wife would come. (Pictorial evidence here.) I have to confess that Ben Z has a better camera than I do, so the four good pictures are his

    More than one person noted that it wasn’t a proper Pharyngula Fest with you gate-crashing.

  5. caynazzo says

    Hope you’re taking the shuttle from Dulles again.

    It would have been great to have you speak at this year’s DC Science Writers Association’s professional development day this Saturday at the AAAS building downtown. Maybe next year. Or you could truly gatecrash an event where you name actually isn’t on the list.

    Enjoy the cherry blossoms!

  6. Bride of Shrek says

    On a more serious note I understand just how hard it is to juggle work/family/self. Personally I’ve got 3 kids under 3 and I run the household. I’m studying to admit as a Barrister by December and, I’m starting work part-time in law firm next week as a Solicitor. Mr Shrek is wearing thin on the needy stakes. And I’m, truggling to get to gym to lose the post-baby 10 kilos. Aaaarrrggh. Can I have another 10 hours in the day.

  7. Janine, ID says

    By what underhanded means did you gain access to Minneapolis Drinking Liberally website? Were you invited?

  8. thelogos says

    Or Bourbon:
    2321 18th St NW
    Washington, DC 20009

    Family’s coming tonight for the Cherry Blossoms/Kite Festival and will be here all weekend, otherwise it could be fun.

  9. J. D. Mack says

    I don’t know if PZ will be in town Friday night, but there will be a showing of the movie “Inherit The Wind” at the Center For Inquiry DC ( http://www.cfidc.org ). It’s open to the public – no “ticket” required ; ).

    CFI-DC is close to the Eastern Market Metro. Movie starts at 7:00.

    J. D.

  10. wazza says

    Higher education? Is that where the aircraft comes in?

    Soz, couldn’t help myself… :P

  11. says

    One possibility would be to take the lazy way out like last time PZ and Phil were here, and just camp out in the hotel bar. That way, we could also keep an eye out and prevent PZ from trying to sneak away.

    Failing that, I’m familiar with neither the Science Club nor the Bourbon, but I like the name “Science Club”, so that gets my vote.

  12. caynazzo says

    The Science Club is a trendy lounge that plays house music and over charges for drinks. A better alternative would be that new place in Adams Morgan, The Black Squirrel.

  13. PeterM says

    On Saturday, DC will be extremely crowded downtown. There’s the annual kite festival on the mall (very colorful) and the cherry blossoms are out (hordes of tourists) AND some logistics expert picked Saturday morning/early afternoon to schedule the “National” marathon, which runs throughout DC and screws up all vehicular traffic. Take the Metro whenever possible.

    And if you check your e-mail I’m offering to pick you up from Dulles.