Minnesota commuter alert

I just finished a brief interview with Tom Crann of Minnesota Public Radio’s All Things Considered show, so if you hear me calling the creationists idiots while you’re driving home sometime in the next few days, don’t be too shocked. (Sorry, I didn’t ask exactly when it will be aired.)

Here’s a link to the radio program.


  1. says

    How much does All Things Considered differ from region to region? Here, I am familiar with Robert Siegel, Michele Norris and Melissa Block, but have never heard ofTom Crann.

  2. bernarda says

    In considering All Things Considered and PBS and Minnesota hero Garrison Keillor, you might like this old commentary by Garrison,


    “How did the Party of Lincoln and Liberty transmogrify into the party of Newt Gingrich’s evil spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man, whose philosophy is a jumble of badly sutured body parts trying to walk?”

  3. BlueIndependent says

    Get a recording of it, I want to hear the whole segment. I don’t think I’ll be able to catch it.

  4. Jason says

    I’ll post this comment here until the Kent Hovind comments doesn’t give me a 404 error.

    Mr. Hovind should have read Matthew 22:21.
    That is all.

  5. NoDak Commuter says

    I just heard your interview during my commute between Grand Forks, ND, and Fargo, ND. I like MPR better than NDPR, so luckily we’re close enough to pick it up. Anyway, I’d never heard of your blog before, and it sounded interesting, so I checked it out. It looks great – I’m adding it to my routine blog-reading. Cheers.

  6. ed hessler says

    It was great to be sitting at my desk doing things that have to be done before I go home and to hear that you/Pharyngula were next. So, I stopped to listen up…pay attention to questions and answers. I thought it was a quite decent interview, all things considered, and hope you did, too. Good questions and good answers, answers showing a deft touch both in terms of content and time.


  7. taalinukko says

    I got to have a driveway moment as I finally heard how to pronounce Pharyngula.

  8. justawriter says

    Darn, here I was expecting to hear the Incredible Hulk with a better vocabulary (Hulk smash… transferring kinetic energy to a immobile object in accord with Newton’s observations) and here is this voice that makes Tweety Bird sound like Sam Kinnison.

    Still, great job PZ, you raised the average IQ of the Red River Valley by at least three points today.

  9. Scott Hatfield says

    I enjoyed the interview. They gave you a fair shake, asked good questions, and you came across as intelligent, approachable and true to yourself.

    Good job.


  10. ChrisTheRed says

    Damn you, Real Audio! Now I’m compelled to reinstall your life-sucking suckage on my laptop.

  11. Tiskel says

    ChrisTheRed: Damn you, Real Audio! Now I’m compelled to reinstall your life-sucking suckage on my laptop.

    Don’t do it… install Real Alternative (Media Player Classic with all the codecs needed for RealPlayer files). I’ve been using this for several years and have been actively removing (when possible) RealPlayer anywhere I have admin rights.


  12. bernarda says

    You have to love Garrison Keillor. On his July 8th program he sang the French anthem “La Marseillaise” and asked the audience to sing along. He had a translator give the first verses in English. After that, Garrison says “Viva La France”.

    In our day and age, that is rather daring, sad to say.

  13. Mouth of the Yellow River says

    Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!

    I hope you take this constructively, but the vocal interview did seem inconsistent with your keyboarding.

    The interviewer has precedent and was a watered down generality about the blogosphere and assessment by batting averages rather than substance, but I was hoping you would have taken charge and prodded the direction to your uncompromising stance on hardhitting transcending issues.

    Maybe next time.