1. afarensis says

    Cool! It would certainly reflect well on Seedmedia if they bought us each one of those as a “Blogwarming” present wouldn’t it?

  2. says

    Oh, come on. After you’ve paid off the Rolling Stones for providing the music at your kid’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with the first of your monthly checks from Seed, just use the leftover change to pick up a couple of them.

  3. afarensis says

    But I was planning on having the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd play, so I won’t have any money left over…

  4. says

    Hey, PZ, I still can’t access your blog from my Mac. It still makes my screen freeze up. I’m on The Count’s PC laptop right now.

    You’ll love this – The Count and I went to a Japanese restaurant last night, and I ate… SQUID!! It was delicious, as I knew it would be. I also ate eel. The Count turned his nose up at my eel (which was also very tasty),but he liked the squid.

    I thought of you while I ate it. ;D

  5. says

    I just tried it myself, and yeah, IE Mac dies horribly trying to cope with the css file for this page. I’ve forwarded the complaint on to the developers.