Music calendar 2023

We are only 14 days into 2023, but I have already bought tickets for several concerts next year

  • Sabaton, Babymetal and Lordi, April 30
  • Rammstein, June 3
  • Copenhell Festival, June 14-17
  • Fallulah, September 30

As you can see, the concerts are definitely towards the heavier side of music, but there is also Fallulah, who is not heavy metal at all.

Bridges is probably her most well known song, but she is soon releasing new music

I am hoping to fill up with more concerts as I get further into the year. I also hope to do a bit of traveling, so I also need to make sure that I have time for that.

Last year, I went to Copenhell during the summer, but didn’t see much else, until the end of the year, where I finished strong with the Hu and Behemoth/Arch-enemy (with Carcass as support), both of which were absolutely fantastic. Live music is such an powerful experience.

Let me know if there are any concerts that I shouldn’t miss in Copenhagen, and surrounding areas, in 2023.