Back in Their Burkas Again.

Here, for your enjoyment and blasphemous use, are the words to the now classic song by Edwin and Helen Kagin, “Back in Their Burkas Again.”

The first public performance of this work can be seen here:

It is introduced by Ed Buckner, former President of American Atheists.

One of the burka wearers was Helen Kagin. Don’t have permission to identify the other two. Might be a good topic for some future graduate research project.

As of this writing, the YouTube presentation had been viewed 23,957 times. It has been watched all over the world!

Another rendition is here:

Yes, these are real burkas. You can order them online.



(May be sung to the tune of “Back in the Saddle Again”)

They’re back in their burkas again
Women obeying their men
No other man should ever see
Her eyebrow or her knee
They’re back in their burkas again

Women are wrapped up by men
Protecting their bodies from sin
Women must comply
And not tempt some lustful eye
So they’re back in their burkas again

The wrap must be shared with a friend
With sister and cousin and kin
It costs far too much
With accessories and such
But they’re back in their burkas again

A woman can’t leave her pen
While the burka is still out on lend
So in her house she’s trapped
‘Till in that horror she is wrapped
‘Till she’s back in her burka again

The burka’s a smothering affair
No garment can even compare
It gets so hot in there
She can barely breathe the air
They’re back in their burkas again

Covered head and eyes and nose
Down their thighs right to their toes
They’re back in their burkas again

But sometimes under there
They wear sexy underwear
They’re back in their burkas again

Everybody will finally win
When women aren’t wrapped end to end
Law is a disgrace
When it hides a pretty face
And puts women in burkas again

Freedom can only begin
When women can show off some skin
That law will have to go
When all women just say “No”
“We’ll not wear those burkas again”

And on some happy day
They will put those laws away
And never wear burkas again
And on that glorious day
They will throw those rags away
And never wear burkas again

© 2003 by Helen Kagin and Edwin Kagin (on an idea by Helen Kagin)
Permission given to non-commercially reproduce, so long as credit is given. If you make money on it, we want some of it.


  1. allencdexter says

    Love it! I directed readers to it on my own blog. Sorry, no money will be made by you or me. Nobody can accuse us of being mercenary!

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