Answers in Atheism for February 7, 2008, CE by Edwin Kagin

“Answers in Atheism”

Thursday, February 7th, 2008 CE

7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Peter Lloyd will be the guest on the February 7 edition of “Answers in Atheism,” the new Internet radio call-in talk show sensation.

The topic will be on Peter’s new book, The Lion’s Way.

The Lion’s Way is a book that imagines the world without the crucifixion of Jesus and where the Roman Empire never collapsed.

Peter Lloyd promotes creative thinking at, where you can also learn his Right Brain Aerobics and hear his original songs. The website is packed with creative ideas and ways to learn creativity. Peter is a member of the Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (FIG).

His co-author is Marco Marsan, innovation expert, author, nationally renowned motivational speaker, self-proclaimed corporate anarchist, and founder of Marco Polo Explorers. His website is

Together they have created an exciting, action drama of passion, honor, dissent, and the struggle to right society’s wrongs.

For more information on this exciting program, for archived shows, and for contact information, see:

Y’all call in y’hear.

See you on the radio.



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