Movie Friday: Where I Get it From

A year and a half ago, I got an e-mail out of the blue from my father, telling me that he had started learning the saxophone. Dad’s in a gradual state of growing retirement, meaning that he still works but on a purely opt-in basis. He does a number of things to fill his time, including a promising side-career as a photographer. Back in his youth, Dad played guitar in church choirs around the Caribbean – to hear him tell it, he was moderately famous. Since then he’s been singing in choirs and stuff, but the decision to acquire an entirely new musical instrument at the age of 60 was, I will confess, surprising.

Last Sunday, Dad did this:

A shocked reaction

I am crazy impressed with Dad here. I’ve heard him play a handful of times, and I knew he was pretty good, but I had no idea he was bringing game this hard. If you good folks would be so kind as to click through to the video, ‘like’ it, and leave complimentary comments, I know it would make his day.

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  1. Don F says

    Geeze.Talent AND youthful good looks.


    I could probably play my trumpet that well, back 20-some years ago. I probably looked his age back then too. Now I’m nearly 60, can’t play anymore, and look like a grizzled old fart.

    Good on your dad for his successful retirement! (And good on you for having picked a really good line of genes ;^)

  2. besomyka says

    I LOVE this sort of music and that tune in particular. The way the minor key makes it feel like reclining (A-minor?).. I can feel humid heat in the melody. Your Dad did a great job, and I will certainly click though.

  3. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Very nice! That is super-cool to see someone picking up an instrument so well later in life. And he’s got some serious “feel” in his playing. Kudos.

  4. Rip Steakface says

    I LOVE this sort of music

    It’s jazz. What else can you expect?

    His playing is very relaxed. You so often see sax players, especially tenors, going on competitions to see who can play faster, but he just rides the chords without any tension. The drummer reminds me of me, too, which is awesome.

  5. katmeow says

    Gives me hope that, one day in the next 40+ years I still hope to spend on the planet, I will learn the cello.

    Choice music selection on your dad’s part 🙂

  6. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Btw- off topic but…has anyone else had trouble setting an image for their Gravatar? I have a gravatar account (tied to a Gmail address), have an image uploaded in there but can’t seem to get it to be my default image or show up when I comment. Just curious if I’m missing something obvious.

  7. PatrickG says

    Crommunist, your facade is revealed, you huckster, you charlatan, you bald-faced liar.

    This man you claim as a father clearly isn’t a day over 45!

    (That video made me want to ship my keyboard from California and Kentucky and start playing again.)

  8. says

    Well I’m 28, so 45 isn’t exactly beyond the realm of possibility for someone to be my father…

    But yeah, he’s a good-lookin’ dude (as my female friends never fail to keep reminding me).

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