Shades of Black Atheism

Bridget Gaudette, co-founder of Secular Woman and blogger at EmilyHasBooks has started a series called “Shades of Black Atheism” where she has invited black atheists to share their stories. This week, the subject of her series is lil’ ol’ me:

Twenty-eight years old and living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ian was raised as a Roman Catholic by a father who is a former priest from Guyana (a small South-American former British colony). His mother was an Irish/German Canadian convert to Roman Catholicism, but his family was what he described as “averagely religious,” attending church on a weekly basis. Ian went to Sunday school as well. The family celebrated the major religious holidays, but their “lives were not suffused with gods.” Perhaps it is for that reason that Ian’s being an atheist has not affected his relationship with his family. He stated, “I live very far away from them, which means that my day-to-day life is fairly off their radar, and vice versa. When we are together, we focus more on spending time with each other than on things that we disagree on.”

Go check out the rest, and be sure to read the rest of the series as it comes out. I’d imagine the best way to manage that is to follow her on Twitter or rig up one of them “RSSR” dealies you kids are using these days.

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