An apology

Regular readers here (numbers have taken a spike in the past couple of weeks – anyone have some insight as to why?) may notice that, after a glut of posting, my posts are becoming less frequent and smaller. Please interpret this as a lack of free time, rather than a lack of interest. As I write this I am getting glared at by the instructor of the workshop I am attending for being the only person typing on his computer. I’m also writing this 6 days later than usual, thus running the risk of missing a post (due to a lack of my usual buffer).

I can’t promise that this will change soon – I will be on vacation over the Christmas break, but I may not feel much like blogging once my schedule changes. After the New Year I should be back to normal.


  1. says

    I’m not sure about other readers, but I found this blog @ blag hag when the “black atheist” article was going semi-viral.

    (Then I decided I actually liked this blog better and I actually check it more than Jen’s.)

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