The foundations of the manifesto

After many years of absence, I am returning to the “blogosphere”. Those of you who have known me for a while may remember that for a couple of years, I collaborated with a friend of mine named Poromenos to create “Porocrom’s Crappaper”, a mostly humour-based blog that lasted for about 2.5 years. Sadly, Porocrom ran out of steam as Poro and I shifted gears and started doing different things with our lives.

I have come back because I have a bone to pick with the world, and things seem to be getting worse. I’ve had the name “Crommunist” since I was 12 years old, and have enjoyed the shit out of it. That being said, it puts me in a linguistically advantageous position, as now I get to rail against a contrary sociopolitical system: Crapitalism.

Crapitalism (n): a social and political system centred around the exchange of intellectual currency for worthless crap.

Far too often I see the great minds of our age turned towards meaninglessness as a substitute for depth. Far too often I see the commoditization of the human condition, where people are treated as market segments and herd animals rather than rational, thinking agents. Far too often I see people living up to this. NO MORE, I say! I say again NO MORE!

In writing here, I hope to challenge you, and myself, to reach for a higher level of functioning rather than performing downward comparisons ad nauseam until our brains become little more than vestigial organs. There will be no punches pulled, there will be no compromises between right and wrong, and not even the sainted narrator will be above scrutiny. If I say something you disagree with, I hereby challenge you to call me on it and discuss it like human adults, rather than cowering behind thin excuses and fear of confrontation.

Now that the overblown rhetoric is done, here’s what this blog is really about. I have a lot of ideas. I think my ideas make sense. I think that if more people think, the world will be a better place. I am going to do my best to show you, through my writing; through links; through whatever means I can think of, how I arrived at my conclusions in the hope that I will persuade you. However, I think that debate is crucial to refining ideas and making them better.

All that said, here are my two hopes for this blog.

  1. That people will actually read the thing, and
  2. That people will comment, disagree, argue, contribute, discuss.

So here goes The Crommunist Manifesto


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