Jul 10 2012

Jonathan Krohn in his own words

I wrote recently about Jonathan Krohn, the former conservative child star, who grew up. He has written quite a funny piece for Salon explaining what happened and the reactions to news of his drift away from conservatism. He echoes what I said, “So this is what this story boils down to: A 17-year-old has different opinions than he did at 13. People may be disappointed by how underwhelming that is, but it’s how the world works.”

Here he is on CNN.


  1. 1

    Left of the Republican Party is not the Left. Obama is not the Left; there is no Left in the United States.

    In any case, I am glad Jonathan grew up. The same cannot be said for the most of the Republican Party.

  2. 2
    Anthony K

    He might not, in his own words, really have known what he was talking about at thirteen, but damn if he wasn’t a talented orator.

  3. 3

    There is a Left in the US, it just doesn’t reside in the two major parties.

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